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Unveiling Humane’s Ai Pin – A $700 Personal AI Assistant You Wear All Day

In the bustling streets of San Francisco, a peculiar sight has caught the attention of passersby – employees of the startup Humane adorned with a small, square device pinned to their chests. Meet the Ai Pin, a high-tech wearable designed to be fastened to your shirt or blouse, challenging the norms of personal technology and aspiring to become as ubiquitous as wireless earbuds or smartwatches.

Humane, founded by Apple veterans Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri in 2018, has created a groundbreaking device aimed at reducing dependence on smartphones. The Ai Pin, set to hit the market on November 16, is more than just a wearable; it’s a contextual computer, a seamless blend of AI and fashion. Priced at $699, with a $24 monthly plan through T-Mobile for unlimited calling, texting, and data, the Ai Pin aims to redefine the landscape of wearable technology.

The Ai Pin doesn’t just follow the crowd; it stands out with its sleek design and multifunctional capabilities. It’s not merely a camera; it’s a personal assistant, a visual interface projected onto your palm using a laser, and a device that encourages users to live in the moment without the constant distraction of smartphones.

Humane’s CEO, Bethany Bongiorno, emphasises the Pin’s mass appeal, labelling it the world’s first contextual computer. The device has garnered attention and anticipation from people of all backgrounds and age groups, promising a paradigm shift in how we interact with technology on a daily basis.

With $230 million in funding, including a recent $100 million injection, Humane has attracted investors such as OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Microsoft, LG, Volvo, and Qualcomm. The backing reflects a shared belief in the potential of the Ai Pin to redefine personal technology.

What sets the Ai Pin apart is its commitment to privacy and its standalone nature. It operates directly on the cell network, recording only when necessary, and avoids the constant listening associated with smart speakers. Humane’s founders envision it as a device that enhances human connection rather than acting as a barrier, steering away from the invasion of personal space seen in previous wearable devices like smart glasses and AR headsets.

The Pin’s design is a testament to Humane’s commitment to user comfort. Weighing just 55 grams, it’s akin to a tennis ball in weight, and users can affix it to their clothing using a magnetic battery pack. A variety of accessories, including clips and shields, offer customisation options to suit different styles and preferences.

Humane has integrated advanced features into the Pin, such as a Laser Ink Display that projects images and text onto the user’s hand, controlled by taps, hand gestures, and voice commands. The device’s voice assistant, Ai Mic, leverages language models, including ChatGPT, offering a range of functionalities, from answering questions to language translations and even generating poems.

The Pin’s camera, enhanced by algorithms, captures moments and offers a unique palm-top display for quick previews. An upcoming AI calorie counting feature further showcases the device’s potential applications in health and wellness.

Humane’s vision extends beyond the present; they plan to add navigation and shopping capabilities, open the device to developers, and explore partnerships with companies like LG and Volvo for integrated smart home and car experiences.

As the Ai Pin steps into the limelight, it faces questions about societal acceptance and its potential impact on human behaviour. Critics wonder if it will truly encourage users to live in the moment or simply introduce a new form of technological obsession.

While it’s too early to predict the Ai Pin’s long-term success, it undoubtedly marks a significant stride in the evolution of wearables. With its fusion of style and functionality, Humane’s Ai Pin is poised to make waves in the world of personal technology, challenging conventions and sparking conversations about the future of human-computer interaction. So, as we eagerly welcome the Ai Pin’s debut, get ready to witness the dawn of a new era in wearable technology.


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