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What You Can Sell As NFTs


Take this scenario – the internet is filled with NFTs and people around you won’t stop talking about them. In fact, they are telling you to start purchasing them as NFTs are the latest technological trend. Meanwhile, note that many top tier individuals are also interested in them.

Did that ignite any interest in you now?

Or,  are you still confused on what NFT means?  Sure! We guess that you too don’t know what items you can sell as NFTs? Well, cast your worries aside because you have come to the right place as this article will clear such confusions.

So, in this article, we will show you everything you need to know, especially what can be sold as NFTs.

Before we do that, let’s answer this: what are NFTs?

NFT means Non-Fungible Tokens.

In a clearer form, it is a one of its kinds digital goods that is unique and is irreplaceable.

That is, it is one you cannot find anywhere else.

Unlike other things you can trade and get the same thing, NFTs are non-fungible.

Basically, you buy and sell the ownership of a unique digital asset that can be tracked through a blockchain.

However, many mistake NFT s to just artworks. Questions like ‘is it only pictures sold as NFTs?’ keep springing up.

The truth is No!

Many things, asides from artworks and pictures, are sold as NFT.

Some of which include music, video games, brain downloaded and turned into an AI, tweets, videos, etc.

We will be discussing some of the NFT items below.


Interestingly, many people didn’t know that they could sell their Tweets as NFT.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, sold one of his tweets as an NFT for under $3 million.

This was after he put his tweet up for a bid.

Selling your tweet would mean that you are giving them ownership of your tweet.

Like a digital certification of the tweet, signed and verified by the creator.

And this is unique because you cannot get the tweet at its original state anywhere else.


Many creators can sell their songs as NFTs.

Gimes, a well-known artist for her music and visual language, sold one of her music as NFT.

She sold a 50-second video of one of her music with Mac Music, Death of the Old, for almost $390,000.

That’s a lot of money on just some part of a song.

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Like Gimes music video was sold at that price, one of Beeple’s videos was also sold as NFT.

The video was sold for $6.6 million.

This would mean the person getting the digital form of video has ownership of the video.

Video games

After arts and gifts, video games are the next items popularly sold as NFTs.

Many gaming companies are now looking to integrate NFT into their video game.

This is the way it works.

NFTs can represent unique in-game items like the character skin, cars, health portions, or other things they can own.

And then, on the gaming platform, they can decide to sell it to other characters.

However, for a gamer to sell NFTs items, the game would check an external blockchain to see the items owned.

And then they transfer the NFTs to the person you want to sell to.

Selling it to them automatically gives them ownership of the item.

What other things can be sold as NFT?

The truth is anything digital can be sold as NFT, including this article.

All you have to do is place them on NFT supported platforms.

Like Ethereum, Blockchain made NFTs popular by supporting them on its platform.


Some of these items sold can be seen online and even downloaded online.

But what’s makes them unique compared to the one downloaded is that they are gotten from the creator.

And they are designed by the creator to give you something that cannot be copied.

Also, they are gotten through a blockchain that can not be possessed by anyone, making them own it digitally.

To put it simply, anybody could try to own a copy, but only one person can own an original.

How does NFTs work

For those interested in buying or selling NFTs, NFTs comes as a blockchain.

It started with Ethereum Blockchain, a cryptocurrency platform, but more platforms started supporting it.

Platforms like Binance Blockchain and others.

What these platforms do is that they store more information that makes the NFTs work differently from a cryptocurrency.

Implication for you reading

We are sure you got the hang of what to buy as NFTs.

And you have been able to learn more about NFT and how it works.

It is no news that NFTs has come to stay just as Metaverse, Cryptocurrency, Web 3 and the rest.

As the internet keeps penetrating, many more things will be coming up.

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