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How WhatsApp’s Export Chat Feature Can Ruin Relationships



Send WhatsApp message, Export chat feature, How WhatsApp's Export Chat Feature Can Ruin Relationships

How WhatsApp’s Export Chat Feature Can Ruin Relationships is a report that shows how the new feature introduced by WhatsApp can cause troubles in relationships.

Meta, the parent company, introduced the export chat option to the WhatsApp app, allowing people to get a hold of other people’s chats, photos and videos, among other media.

On TikTok, Johannes Sensei explained it.

“I have some bad news. WhatsApp wants to ruin your relationship. Here is how. Let’s say your boyfriend or your girlfriend asks for your phone.

Maybe they want to “take a picture” and from there, they just, you know, wander into your WhatsApp accidentally, and then they see that chat with that person that they’ve been suspecting.

Now, they don’t need to sit down with their phone and scroll through the chat while they still have your phone. WhatsApp has made it very easy for someone to steal your chats from your phone without you even noticing.

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All that person needs to do is go to the chat that they are suspicious of, tap on the three dots at the top, and then tap on “more” From there, they will see an option to export the chat.

Now when they tap on that, they can choose to export it with the media or without the media- that’s the pictures and the videos.

And when they choose whatever option they want, it’s going to put all your chats with that person into a file, and it will give them several options to send the file to themselves- maybe through Gmail, Telegram, or something else.

This is very, very interesting. Scary? Because WhatsApp did not even provide a way to secure this. They didn’t lock it behind your biometric lock or anything like that.

Once your WhatsApp is open, and the other person has access to it, all they need to do is tap on a button and get access to all the information they need. And once they get that information!” said Johannes Sensei.

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Source: Nairobinews.

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