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You Can Reply Messages Directly From Your Feed On Instagram

You can reply messages directly from your feed on Instagram

What you don’t know – You can reply to messages directly from your feed on Instagram.

New updates come up from social platforms almost every week to better their users’ experience and ensure growth.

Instagram isn’t left out as it has been giving users a lot of new updates on its platform.

Its latest update is a feature that allows users to reply to messages directly from your feed.

When a direct message is being sent to you on your feed, you would have to go to your inbox (IG DM) to respond to messages.

You can lose track of whatever content you are enjoying on your feed.

But the new feature would allow you to respond to messages quickly without going to your inbox or losing pace with content.

Instagram has over time placed much focus on the messaging feature it offers.

Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s head, confirmed Instagram’s intention of focusing on messaging features in a video.

He said that “Messaging is one of the primary ways that people — actually it is the primary way people connect online at this point,”.

“Instagram needs to embrace the fact that messaging is that primary form of communication.”

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Another feature Instagram would be adding is allowing users to know which of their contact is online.

The feature would show a profile picture at the top of the inbox section.

Interestingly, this is one feature that Facebook, Its sister company, has already offered.

Another feature is the song preview feature, which allows for a 30-second clip of tracks.

This is possible due to the integration of Apple and Amazon music streaming on Instagram.

And there is a possibility of Spotify integration joining pretty soon.

Also, a feature allows you to reshare a post to four of your closest friends.

You have to do everything from the post on your Instagram feed by long-press the share button.

Instagram has said that the features will be available all over the world.

And some of them are already rolled out, like the music sharing feature, which rolled out on Monday.

Implication for you reading

It is exciting that you can reply to messages directly on your feed on Instagram.

What is more exciting is the other feature Instagram will be launching soon on its platform.

And it also plans to introduce NFTs for creators on its platform.

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