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iCreate Day 1: Job Versus Skill; Are They The Same

Day 1 iCreate
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Listening to CEO iCreate Africa, Bright Jaja talk yesterday, this piece would be soothing if it were given to him as a speech.

He highlighted some of the differences between having a job and a skill.

Hopefully, it might make sense to you.

Here are some of the differences that he highlighted.

1. A job is temporary – While you learn a skill and it’s permanent.

2. The aim of a job is to earn a salary – The product of your skill is to create something.

3. You get retired from your job – You don’t retire from your skill. By the time you are old enough to retire, you’ve already trained enough people to take your place.

4. With your job, you are employed. With your skill, you are deployed.

5. You are trained for at your job. But you master your skills

6. At your job, you are paid the price – With your skill, you set your price.

Also, here are some other things he highlighted to dwell on

  • As an architect how do you feel when you pass under a bridge you designed?
  • Or as a mason, that house you built?
  • As a carpenter, that couch you fashioned?
  • Also, as a tyler, the tiles you layed.

One word and that is satisfaction.

That is something youths rarely get from their jobs today.

So he encourages people to join iCreate to learn a new skill today.

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