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6 Last Minute Valentine Day Tech Gifts

6 Valentine’s Day tech gifts for a last minute buy?  Are you still stuck with buying the right tech gift for your partner? You want to make a last minute buy for your lover Well, we’ve got 6 last minute Valentine tech gifts you can choose from and get your val.

Tech Gifts, Sunbeam Royal Luxe electric blanket

6 Valentine’s Day tech gifts for a last minute buy?  Are you still stuck with buying the right tech gift for your partner? You want to make a last minute buy for your lover Well, we’ve got 6 last minute Valentine tech gifts you can choose from and get your val.

1. Amazon Kindle (2022):

Valentine's Day tech gifts, Amazon Kindle

Tech gift: Amazon Kindle

If you still want to wow your Val with a gift to swell his or her mind, then an e-reader is your best pick.

Your Val, if he or she loves reading, then the updated Amazon Kindle 2022 is even a perfect gift for them. They will appreciate the e-reader the most.

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At just $99 dollars, you will get this cool gift for your val. Meanwhile, you can also decide to go for the Kindle Paperwhite that’s anti-glare and has larger storage of about 8GB for thousands of books.

It has faster page turns and up to 10 weeks battery life.

This Kindle is waterproof and it is equally has a hands-free feature in case the hands are occupied.

You can get this one for $104.99 as Valentine’s Day tech gifts.

2. Apple Watch Series 8:

Valentine's Day tech gifts: Apple Watch Series 8

Valentine’s Day tech gift: Apple Watch Series 8

You can also go for the new Apple Watch Serie 8. It is a cool Valentine’s Day gift that you can wow a techie.

What makes this Apple Smartwatch so cool is that it can detect a when the wearer is involved in a car crash.

So, what it does is that it automatically initiates emergency call 20 in 20 seconds unless you cancel it.

It is equally dust-proof, swim-proof and has anti-crack features that prevent it from damage resulting from cracks, water and dust.

The watch has S8 chip for better performance and an always-on display with many faces.

Price: You can get this watch for $399.

3. Mini Bluetooth Speaker:

Tribit StormBox Micro 2.

Getting your Val a mini Bluetooth speaker is another Valentine’s Day gift that will swell your partner.

If the home is IoT-connected – with many appliances connected to smart techs, then this is a perfect gift.

And no other Bluetooth speaker can best fit this occasion than the Tribit StormBox Micro 2.

This Bluetooth speaker gives you quality sound that is more than its prize.

The wireless speaker is dust-proof and water-proof and is very portable. You can take it anywhere without stress.

One cool feature of the Tribit StormBox Micro 2 is that you can turn it into a power bank to charge your phone.

So, in considering Valentine’s Day tech gifts, this is a perfect gift for a techie, especially those that usually forget to charge their phones.

Price: Get one at just $59.

4. Sleep Earbuds:

Valentine's Day tech gifts: QuietOn 3.1 sleep earbuds

QuietOn 3.1 sleep earbuds

Most Techies sleep late and with time, find it difficult getting good sleep.

This Valentine’s Day, you can gift your Val a sleep earbuds that will help them get better sleep.

The QuietOn 3.1 Sleep Earbuds is the perfect choice as it provides improved sleep.

The small and light earbuds are designed specifically for people with sleeping issues.

Using active noise cancellation, the buds block out any distraction that can hinder sleep.

You may be wondering how a side-sleeper can sleep with these buds. Well, don’t worry, the earbuds are so light and small that it won’t be a problem fitting in the ears as if nothing is there.

Price: 259.00 € or $279.04.

5.Electric Blanket:

Sunbeam Royal Luxe electric blanket

Sunbeam Royal Luxe electric blanket

Imagine getting your partner an electric blanket in this cold weather. That would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift you can gift your Val.

Also know as the Heated Blanket, this Sunbeam Royal Luxe blanket can make the winter cozier and set the tone for a good romantic experience.

What also makes this gift a wow is that it can help your partner save on energy bills.

The blanket has 12 heat settings and 100% polyester. You can get it in different colours and sizes.

It can even turn itself off 12 hours later to help you save on energy.

Price: Just $39.

6. Laifen Swift Hair Dryer:

Laifen Swift Hair Dryer: Valentine's Day tech gifts

Laifen Swift Hair Dryer

What if you get your partner a hair dryer that’s very swift in drying her hair and at a very cheap cost?

Getting your Val the Laifen Swift Hair Dryer this Valentine’s Day can be a game-changer in your relationship.

The stylish and lightweight air dryer has three temperatures, two speed settings and three different nozzles for styling hair.

It also has a LED indicator that emits light to show you if the air is hot, warm or cold.

In just few minutes, the 1400w power hairdryer dries your hair in just few minutes.

This saves you enough time to do other thigs.

It is so light that you can even put it in your bag while traveling.

Now that you have cool gift options to choose from for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift for your Val, hurry and make your choice then go get it fir your Val.

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