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Android, iOS Users Can Now Tweet Pictures In 4K Quality

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Twitter now allows users to tweet and view pictures on its platform in 4k quality. This is awesome news for content creators and influencers who regularly dish out tweets and picture content on the platform.

They would retain their high-quality picture when posted on the platform and have better engagement than they have been having.

However, for them to access it, they would need to update photo preference. That is, they need to update their high-quality preference in the data usage settings.

To do so, a user should go to the data usage section of their Twitter’s setting and enable both ‘high-quality images’ and ‘high-quality upload.

Users can also select if they want the high resolution on both cellular and Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi.

According to the announcement, making changes only affect those using the bird app on Android and iOS. Twitter’s web app has already supported the high-quality image; It supports up to 4096 x 4096 resolution.

However, this is coming after Twitter rolled out a testing option of the 4k picture upload option for mobile users.

Also, Twitter had announced that it would be testing its new ways of sharing and viewing media on the platform; this would be taking place in the next few weeks.

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Twitter creates a testing tool to fix image cropping

Twitter has created a solution to image cropping issues.

It announced in March to be testing a tool ‘what you see is what you get,’ that would enable users to preview within the tweet’s compose box before uploading.

This would enable a user to experiment with full-frame images.

When uploaded, the picture would look like how it looked when you were trying to upload the tweet. With a tool like that, there would be no surprises.

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