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Apple Could Develop Its Version Of Google Search

Apple Could Develop Its Version Of Google Search

Apple may be in the works of developing its version of “Google Search.”

According to the Financial Times, on Apple’s recent iOS 14 update, one can now see search results.

The iOS 14

The changes that have been adopted into iOS 14 are not hard to miss.

However, these changes were from the new hands on deck.

Additionally, just a few days ago, The New York Times released a report.

In the report, the Justice Department is filing a lawsuit against Google.

The lawsuit is on the grounds of Google using illegal means to monopolize.

According to the report, Google pays Apple between $8 to $12 billion yearly for its search engine feature to be on Apple devices.

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Notwithstanding, according to FT, the lawsuit could have motivated Apple to develop its search engine. 

What does this mean for Google and Apple?

What the lawsuit means is the relationship between Google and Apple has to end. 

Also, Apple now has more reasons to pay attention to developing its search engine.

This should, however, not be a problem, seeing as Apple has the resources for it.

Although trying to replicate what Google has already created might be a problem.  

But who knows for sure till we see the outcome. 

Mind you, when it comes to search, Google has been on a first-class for two decades.

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