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Investment Expert Warns Against Clampdown On Social Media, Says Move Will Create Massive Unemployment



Chief Executive Officer of Brisk Capital, Dominic Joshua, has warned that any move to stifle social media interactions will lead to massive unemployment in the country.

He gave the warning following a renewed call by the Minister for Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, on regulating social media.

Lai made the call while addressing the House Committee on information, national orientation, ethics, and values.

According to the minister, “We are sitting on a time bomb on this issue of fake news.”

Lai Mohammed

However, Joshua believed that shutting down what he described as the “number one digital platform for youths” in Nigeria was a move to stifle freedom of speech and increase the country’s unemployment rate.

Majority of Nigerian youths have gotten their dream jobs and started their dream careers working remotely with the use of social media.

We’ve seen within the last one week what mass unemployment have caused in the country with large scale arson and vandalism by hoodlums,” he explained.

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He said it was time Nigeria understood and dealt with the factors that led to unrest in the country, rather than attempting to shut down technology.

What led to the renewed call on social media regulation

Nigerian youths, through social media, mobilised and took to the streets to protest against police brutality.

The protest, dubbed ‘#EndSARS,’ led to the disbandment of the notorious police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

SARS had been accused of gross abuse of human rights across the country.

However, the police hierarchy replaced the disbanded unit with the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team.

The protest went on peacefully for two weeks until hoodlums and thugs hijacked it.

This led to the breakdown of law and order as government properties were burnt and looted.

Regarding the #EndSARS protests, Lai said:

They mobilised using social media. The war today revolves around two things. Smartphones and data and these young men don’t even watch television or listen to the radio or read newspapers.”

Meanwhile, Dominic Joshua is an investment expert.

He has built his multiple investment platforms by taking advantage of opportunities that technology provided.

Dominic Joshua

He has also invested in many businesses such as Construction and interior designs, fashion designing, and agriculture, among others.

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