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CcHub Acquires Kenya Startup eLimu



CcHub acquired Kenya Startup, eLimu In New Deal

Nigerian Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) has acquired a Kenya-based Ed-tech startup, eLimu.

According to the incubator, the deal is expected to accommodate the ed-tech startup into its educational arm.

While doing so, the startup will be able to leverage the provided cutting-edge technology.

As such, it can focus on creating interactive and engaging eLearning content relatable in the African context.

These contents will be initiated using the existing apps.

However, the latest acquisition will ensure the scalability of the mobile app, especially beyond Kenya.

About eLimu

Founded in 2012, eLimu was the first startup to scale through iHub.

Interestingly the innovative Kenyan hub and hackers’ space got acquired by CcHub in September 2019.

CcHub acquired Kenya Startup, eLimu In New Deal

Source: eLimuafrica

Since its establishment over a decade ago, eLimu has improved learning outcomes for over 500,000 learners.

The digital platform is also popular for providing a revision and literacy platform that makes learning fun and engaging.

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This learning process is often employed for children both in school and at home.

In a recent development, the Ed-tech startup rolled out Elimu TV on StarTimes.

The local channel was dedicated to kids learning, enabling primary and high school students to continue learning through audiovisual programming.

As such, the channel was only available to subscribers on the platform.

Stakeholders’ comments

Speaking on the acquisition, eLimu founder has this to say:

I’m thrilled to see eLimu spread its wings across Africa to make learning fun and engaging for even more children.

“eLimu will continue to leverage its deep knowledge of the education system to tap into the opportunity to transform learning everywhere,” Sharma added.

On the welcoming end, Bosun Tijani, CEO of CcHub, emphasised education’s significance as a bedrock of any healthy society.

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In his words, Tijani said that:

As we continue to contribute to shaping the innovation ecosystem in Africa, accelerating the application of innovation and technology in improving education outcomes will be crucial to driving our overall agenda.

CcHub acquired Kenya Startup, eLimu In New Deal

Financial Time: Bosun Tijani, CEO, Cc-Hub

After this acquisition, CcHub announced a new Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of eLimu.

Founder of Nigeria gaming startup, Gamsole, Abiola Olaniran, will join CcHub as the new CTO of eLimu.

As such, Olaniran will apply his years of experience in application development and the industry as a whole.

His appointment is also expected to transform the ed-tech startup into a leading digital educational content provider in Africa.

About CcHub

Founded in 2010 by Bosun Tijani, Co-creation Hub (Cc-Hub) is a technology-oriented centre headquartered in Lagos.

“The HUB,” as it was alternatively referred to, provides a platform where technology-oriented individuals can share problem-solving ideas.

Ten decades after, the HUB is still dedicated to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity.

The acquisition of the ed-tech startup eLimu by Cc-Hub, confirms the synergy between Nigeria and the Kenya tech ecosystem.

It is expected that the acquisition will further strengthen the bond between both countries.

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