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COVID-19: Apple Employees Might Be Required To Work Remotely Longer Than They Expected

Apple Employees Might Be Required To Work Remotely Longer Than They Expected

Remote working favoured Apple so much so that it intends to make it permanent.

The information came from Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.

How did the remote working system begin?

As you know, the world is currently suffering from a coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic hit earlier in the year.

This was towards the end of March.

It has put a lot of companies out of business.

While some companies like Apple, Google, and even Tesla had to let go of employees.

Notwithstanding, these companies tried to manage the situations.

Apple Employees Might Be Required To Work Remotely Longer Than They Expected


At first, companies had to stay closed temporarily to understand the situation better.

After a few months, they began to reopen.

However, the majority of the activities were done remotely.

So far, so good, the remote working system appears to have its perks.

Tim Cook mentioned that remote working has come to stay after Apple’s realisation that a lot of work can be done virtually.

Taking a thing or two that the system has done enables a lot of activities to be done virtually.

A lot of product launches this year were done virtually.

Apple’s new iPhone included.

Tim Cook explained that things could also be done effectively, virtually.

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More insight

However, Tim didn’t give specifics as to exactly how the system helped the company.

Nonetheless, he outlined that it was the work from home force that led to the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 6.

Also, Apple’s new iPads were conceptualised through the work from home force.

Although Tim is very much pleased with the productivity of remote working.

He mentioned that working from home is very different from working at the office.

At the office, ideas can come from everyone. This means that the process of thinking is sped up.

He went further by saying he desires for employees to resume their activities in the office by next year.

This also includes the Silicon Valley headquarters in California.

Apple Employees Might Be Required To Work Remotely Longer Than They Expected

Forbes: Apple Headquarters, Silicon Valley

Just as Apple considers remote working to be a breeze, others feel very much different about it.

Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, explained that it had brought nothing but negatives.

He said that employees would resume activities at the office, once they’ve all been tested.

A week ago, Facebook mentioned they were sorting for a Director of remote activities.

Google, however, mentioned that their employees would continue to work from home until summer 2021.

Jack Dorsey of Twitter has also asked his employees to work remotely, indefinitely.

They may be required to continue as such even after the pandemic lockdown is called off.

As a worker, do you prefer working remotely or resuming at the office?

Kindly share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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