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Apple To Extend Independent Repair Program To More Than 200 Countries

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Apple has announced that it would be expanding its Independent repair program to more than 200 countries in the world.

That is, in every country where Apple products are sold, an independent repair program would exist.

The independent repair program was originally launched in the US in 2019.

It was later expanded to Europe and Canada a year after.

The program aimed at enabling repair providers to access the different parts of the Apple devices like tools, diagnostics, and repair manuals to provide a safe and reliable offer for Apple products.

After two years of its existence, there about 1500 repair providers around the US, Europe and Canada.

And soon, it would spread around the globe.

This means for Apple users in a country, the person can be able to locate a repairer that can help to repair their broken screen or spoilt charger port.

But this would be after a repairer has undergone series of training in the Apple program on how to repair its devices.

According to Apple’s announcement, the independent repair program would be launched in some of the countries, later this year.

They include Madagascar, Benin, Angola, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Argentina, Sudan, Turkey, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, Chad, and more.

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Apple Expands Repair Service

Also, as Apple plans to launch its program in more countries, it means more of the repair service would be needed in those countries.

Apple has announced that it would begin its launch in some countries.

So, interested service providers in those countries can apply this week to join the program.

Some of the countries include New Zealand, India, the Philippines, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Africa, Pakistan, Australia, Japan, Korea, and more.

There would be no cost to joining the program.

However, for them to qualify, the repair provider would need to commit to having only an Apple-certified technician for repairs.

Those who qualify for Apple independent repair programs, they can only purchase a limited amount of original Apple parts and tools. Parts like screen and batteries.

Also, they would have free training on repair, diagnostics and manuals.

It has been reported that joining the program would come with a contract, which would give the right Apple to inspect a repair shop.

And if they find anything not according to their guideline, fine them for violating.

For example, in shops that use parts that aren’t its product or worn-out parts, Apple can charge as much as $1000.

Taking precautions against COVID-19, Apple is considering including an additional option for mail-in repairs for customers.

This would ensure a healthy and safe step to access repair services during this period.


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