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BREAKING: Atiku Uncovers Inconsistencies in Tinubu’s Chicago State University Records

Tinubu and Atiku and Chicago State University
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Atiku Abubakar sheds light on President Bola Tinubu's Chicago State University academic credentials. A significant political disclosure

Atiku Abubakar, the previous Presidential candidate for the People’s Democratic Party, has revealed surprising information from the academic history of Bola Tinubu, the sitting President of Nigeria, who lay claims to being a graduate of Chicago State University (CSU).

The revelations came to light during a world press briefing organized in the nation’s capital. Atiku’s attorney, Kalu Kalu, took center stage to share the findings from the CSU documents, which have since become a topic of heated discussion in political circles.

Here are the key revelations that have emerged:

  1. Forgery Allegations: One of the most significant claims is that the certificate Bola Tinubu presented to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) might be a forgery. This allegation, if proven true, could have serious implications for Tinubu’s political career.
  2. Gender Mismatch: Adding to the list of discrepancies is the qualifying certificate from Southwest College, which surprisingly mentions a female. This raises substantial doubts about its authenticity, given that Bola Tinubu is male.
  3. Historical Inconsistencies: Another point of contention is the CSU application form. It indicates that Tinubu claims to have graduated from Government College Lagos in 1970. However, records show that the institution only came into existence in 1974, leading to questions about the legitimacy of this claim.
  4. Dual Citizenship Concerns: The CSU document’s owner is identified as a Black American. This revelation is in direct contradiction to Tinubu’s INEC form, where he categorically denied having dual citizenship. This discrepancy could either point to the documents not belonging to him or a potential oversight in his INEC declaration.
  5. Name Discrepancies: A further inconsistency is observed in the naming conventions. The CSU documents mention ‘Ahmed’ as the middle name, while the NYSC documents he submitted to INEC have ‘Adekunle’ listed.

Responding to queries about the next steps as regards Tinubu’s Chicago State University saga, Atiku was firm in his stance. He expressed his unwavering intent to pursue the matter legally until a conclusive verdict is reached by the Supreme Court. He emphasized the importance of the Supreme Court’s decision, noting that there’s no higher judicial authority in the land.

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