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Average Software Developer Salary In Nigeria

Average Software Developer Salary In Nigeria

Are you wondering what the average software developer salary in Nigeria is like right now?

Well, I know that this is a question on  the minds of every budding developer right now, including those who have learnt to separate their onions from the ‘Suya’ in the developer ecosystem.

And, if you are a newbie in the software development community, you probably might want to know what you would be paid on average as your salary, more so if you are in Nigeria.

The average software developer salary in Nigeria is also an issue many developer talents’ employers are also interested in right now.

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It is even more so for those who are interested in making a serious career out of software development.

This is because, more companies, especially international companies, are flooding Nigeria to hire young software developers.

This report, therefore, looks into the average salary a software developer in Nigeria earns per year.

What you should know:

Meanwhile, keep in mind that Nigerian youths with software development skills are greatly increasing.

The rush into tech has become a way most Nigerian youths try to escape unemployment, hardship and poverty.

Aside the above reasons, several other reasons have led to many Nigerians acquiring software development skills, making the community to be massive.

Meanwhile, as regards salaries, there is no unified standard salary structure for developers in Nigeria.

So, several developers collect varying amounts of salaries, according to their levels of experience in the area.

What is the average developer salary in Nigeria:

According to data by Codesumit.io, a German tech entity that connects developers with employers, the average software developer salary in Nigeria is $7,255 per year or some few Nairas above N3, 000, 000 (three million naira).

This is based on the average salaries profiles of 120 software developers surveyed as at August 2022.

Early Software Developers average salary per year:

An early software developer talent in Nigeria is a talent whose experience is between one to four (1 – 4yrs )years.

The data, therefore, revealed that a such a software developer in Nigeria should be paid an average of $1,453 per year or $121 per month.

This average includes tips, bonuses and overtime.

In Nigerian Naira, this means that such an early developer earns roughly ₦2,987,793 per year.

This is based on the average salaries of 93 software developers.

Average Mid software developer salary in Nigeria:

A mid software developer in Nigeria is a talent whose experience is between five to nine years (5 -9yrs).

What this means is that such a talent must have had the skill and be gainfully practicing the skills for at least 5 years.

Therefore, for a developer in this category, he or she should be earning an average of ₦3,999,855. This is based on the salaries of 28 mid software developers.

Senior or Highly Experienced Software developer salary in Nigeria:

A highly experienced software developer is a person whose experience in software development spans between 10 years and 19 years.

Consequently, the average earning of such a highly experienced developer is about $14,182 per year or $1,181 per month. In Naira, it is roughly ₦5,750,000.

This is based on the average salaries of 6 senior or highly experienced software developers in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the report also showed that developers in Abuja make slightly less than the national average, $5,808 per year or $484 per month.

For software programmers in Lagos, the highest pay you can get is NGN 8 million per year while the lowest pay a software developer can get in Lagos is NGN 373, 000 per year.

Which Programing Languages earn the most:

According to the report, different developers earn different incomes based on the programming language they know.

The highest paid developers have the Ruby as their most conversant programing language.

Programmers with Ruby as their programing language earn about $12,110 while PHP and JavaScript developers are paid the least.

Generally, below are the average salaries of the various programming language skills:

Software developer: Between N443, 000 and N5,000, 000 (5m).
Web developer: Between N195, 000 and N5, 000, 000 (5m).
PHP developer: Between N200, 000 and N2, 000, 000 (2m).
Data Analyst: Between N90, 000 and N7, 000, 000 (7m).
Full Stack Software developer: Between N78, 000 and N6, 000, 000 (6m).
Software Engineer/ Programmer: Between N309, 000 and N9, 000, 000 (9m).
Senior Software Engineer: Between N1, 000, 000 (1M) and N14, 000, 000 (14m).
Front End Developer/ Engineer: Between N202, 000 and N6, 000, 000 (6m).
Senior Software Engineer/ Developer/ Programmer: Between N480, 000 and N15, 000, 000 (15m).

Skills that boost your salary:

As a software developer, knowledge of certain programming skills can boost your salary:

Below are the percentages of the boost developers get on their salaries according to specific skills:

HTML skills will boost your salary about 96%.
.NET skill will boost your salary about 32%.
C# Programing will boost your salary about 30%.
MySQL skill will boost your salary about 15%.
PHP will boost your salary about 8%.
Similarly, SQL will boost your salary about 7%.
Java Script is the least skill to boost your salary. It has a boosting ability of just 1% on your salary.

Which software skill is most popular:

According to the study, Javascript is the most popular software development skills right now.

Below is the popularity of the skills based on the number of software developers surveyed.

Popularity of software skills:

JavaScript: 73 responses.
Java: 30 responses.
Python: 22 responses.
SQL: 39 responses.
C# Programming Language 23 responses.

Popular Software development skills Among Engineers:

Gender Breakdown For Software Engineers:

The data also revealed that men make up the bulk of the software engineer community.

According to percentages, the male Software engineers make up 85.7% of the software engineers while female software engineers make up the remaining 14.3% of the total software engineer community.

Now that you know the average salaries software developers with different programming language skills earn, you can better be guided on which you think you can acquire.

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