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Best Vlogging iPhones In 2021

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Are you looking for the best vlogging iPhones in 2021? Then you came to the right place.

If you plan to start your vlogging channel, you know the primary necessity is a good camera.

However, not everyone can afford a standard camera.

But you can always shoot with your phone.

Some phones feature amazing camera quality that can serve as a standard camera.

iPhones are identified to be one brand that has brought out a series of fantastic products.

They are known for their good and quality camera.

Apple, the producer of iPhones, has consistently been releasing new products.

However, not all of them fit into the need of a vlogger.

And that’s why we would be discussing iPhones and which are best for vlogging.

But before we go, let’s understand the concept of vlogging and how iPhones came to be.

What is vlogging

Vlogging is similar to blogging except that instead of text, it involves audio sound and a video.

It is the recording of a person sharing their ideas, art, about their day, or any subject relevant to them.

All you have to do is record yourself, or someone else doing any of this stuff and share it on a video sharing platform like YouTube.

You can either use a digital camera or your mobile phone to record the video.

However, mobile phones are a go-to when you do not have money for a standard shooting camera.

And since it is a mobile phone, you can always use it to do other stuff.

Many young people and even older ones are venturing into vlogging platforms like YouTube.

You can share ideas about your day or everything that concerns you to the world to learn from or to entertain.

Also, the platform allows you to share videos freely on the platform and enable you to make money online.

If you plan to start a YouTube channel, then you probably need a good camera phone.

What are iPhones?

iPhones are a line of phones that are designed and produced for the market by Apple.

They operate on Apple’s operating system called iOS.

Like any other phone, you can make calls, send messages, browse the internet, take pictures or videos, play music, and do many other things.

Since the introduction of the product in 2007, there have been several generations of Apple devices.

Frequently, the company releases new updates of its phone, with which some people are up to date.

However, these updates are available to some of its iPhones and unavailable to others.

Some of which includes a larger screen, waterproof, installing third-party apps, camera upgrade that allows you to shoot a standard video with your phone.

iPhones are luxurious phones you can get; they are a game-changer to the mobile industry.

Asides from what we have listed earlier, they are one of the go-to phones to start your journey as a vlogger.

Things we considered in our selection of best iPhones for vlogging

Below are some of the features we expect you to look out for when selecting from our list of iPhones for vlogging.

Quality camera

If the camera of the iPhone is not clear or detailed and doesn’t give a high definition quality, then you shouldn’t consider it.

Instead, it would be best if you considered an iPhone with a clean and crisp camera.

Cameras are usually measured with megapixels (Mp). And more of this means that the quality is top-notch.

Another thing to look out for that would affect the quality of your phone is the software.

The software has to be high, and it must have comparable qualities.

Interestingly, headphones have a good software quality, and this is because of the megapixels.

Video quality

One thing people would look out for before visiting your page is video quality.

As a camera is needed to get a good video, it is also dependent on the megapixel of the phone.

For a video to do well, it has to have good quality, a good video resolution.

It should be able to record at least 4k to 8k resolution for a high resolution.

Also, the camera that would be used for the should be spectacular in every way.

And the frame of the video should be measured per frame in seconds.

The frame rate of the video also determines the quality of the video, so it is essential.

And the higher the video frames per second, the smoother the quality of the video.

The frame rate could be 60 seconds with a normal playback or 120 seconds with a much smoother playback, except it is in slow motion.

Some iPhones meet the category with a high resolution and have a standard frame rate.


Getting a vlogging phone that gets the job done and fits perfectly into your pocket is what you should consider.

As a vlogger, you might be required to move around or travel at a distance.

And doing this, you need a phone that wouldn’t be a nuisance.

It should be sleek and portable.

So considering a vlogging iPhone, it should be very portable, lightweight and easy to carry around.

Battery life

If you are going to record a video with good quality, it will need good battery life.

And so, when you are considering getting an iPhone, it should be one with brilliant battery life.

That won’t go off during use.

However, some iPhones can work with third-party apps that would help boost battery life.

But not all iPhone fit into this.

Or they can always get power storage that makes your phone charge even in use.

Storage Space

As you would be recording several videos, it would be essential to own a phone with a good storage phone.

It should be able to contain your high-quality videos after recording.

Especially if you are vlogging for your YouTube subscribers, you have to do it consistently.

And so, you might have to vlog a series of videos to push on those days.

The phone should have a good storage space to store those videos.

Also, it should be able to connect to the internet to access cloud storage.

Durability/ resistance

Some iPhones come with sleek designs that give the iPhone a sturdy and classic look.

It can also come with resistance for both water-resistant and dust resistance.

This won’t allow the iPhone to get spoilt easily, and you can use it for vlogging a long while.

Asides from that, you might decide to vlog rigorous activities that might put your phone at risk, so you should be prepared with a robust iPhone.

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Best Vlogging iPhones in 2021

Below we have listed the best vlogging iPhones to get in 2021.

They are the best Apple products for vlogging; although they can be a bit expensive, it is worth it.

As Apple releases many great products and upgrades them, not all of them might fit your need.

So we want you to know that the selection of iPhones below is not in any order of importance but depends on your need.

iPhone 13

best vlogging iPhones in 2021

The iPhone is the latest of Apple’s gadgets which came into the market a few months back.

It is an upgraded version of all the other versions to have existed.

If you are looking for the best vlogging iPhones in 2021, it is one to go for.

And it is also the best iPhone to get in 2021.

Although, the iPhone is costly compared to other iPhones that might offer almost the same value.

However, buying it is worth the price.

The phone comes with a 45-degree dual-camera which has been turned diagonally.

It reveals an ultra-wide sound and a new wide camera.

The wide camera allows sensor-shift optical image stabilization and captures about 47% light in videos and music.

While for the ultra-wide camera is equipped with a faster sensor, and it reveals more details at night.

If you are vlogging about your day, the phone supports night mode, so you don’t have to worry about lighting.

It can sense when it is night, and it automatically adjusts, giving you bright and clear captures.

The iPhone supports cinematic with its cinematic mode.

Meaning you are already covered.

The phone is enabled with all the depth effects and focus transitions that won’t only make recording great but the editing of the video.

One of the differences of the iPhone is that it uses a lighting fast chip compared to other iPhones.

The iPhone is durable with a flat edge design, and the ceramic shield around the iPhone is tougher than any other one.

And so you don’t have to worry about your iPhone getting spoilt so easily.

The phone also features a brilliant battery life that has been worked on from previous versions.

It comes with a storage space that starts from 128GB.

And you know what that means?

You would have more time to vlog with your phone and record as much as you want.

iPhone 12 Pro max

This is one of the best iPhones for vlogging right now.

The phone was released sometime last year, and it is known for its clean and crisp image.

If you are about to start a YouTube channel, this is one go-to for, and you should get it.

Although it is expensive, the quality is worth the price.

It comes with a triple rear camera design which includes a wide lens, one ultra-wide lens and a telephoto lens.

Also, with the vlogging iPhone, you can record a video at 4K with 60 frames per second.

And it can slow-motion videos at 240k per frame.

For nighttime, the camera comes with an upgraded camera that encourages night mode and photo stabilization.

iPhone 12 Pro max is lightweight, and so you can easily carry it around.

It is one phone that allows you to move around freely and capture moments.

Also, the phone features a Super Retina XDR display, and it is 5G compatibility.

And this is what sets it asides from other iPhones.

Asides another feature of the iPhone is that it has ample storage space.

It can house files from 128GB, 256GB and 512GB, depending on what you want.

Generally, this iPhone is for those looking to get the best vlogging iPhone in 2021.

It serves all the vlogging needs of a person.

iPhone 11 Pro max

best vlogging iPhones in 2021

This is another go-to phone for vlogging. It is one of the best iPhones in 2021.

It ticks the box for a device with good storage space and a quality video appearance.

The device features two front-facing cameras and three side-facing cameras.

For the two front cameras, one is a 12 Mp camera and the other a depth sensor camera.

It supports HD and 4k resolution at 60 frames per second, and if you lower the resolution, you can get 120 frames per second.

However, it would be in slow motion and front-facing videos.

The three side-facing cameras are more powerful 12MP cameras, and they come with a broad and ultrasound.

Also, the iPhone features good storage space.

The maximum storage space of the device is 512 GB and a minimum of 64GB.

However, you should choose a storage space with a higher space configuration, so you always have to upload on iCloud.

Asides from the iPhone feature the latest processor chip, the A13 Bionic.

And a night mode that allows for quality and clear video at night.

It is designed sleek yet portable and durable.

You do not have to worry when you are sweating or it falls while taking a video.

The phone features water and dust resistance.

In terms of the battery life, it has improved compared to its lower versions.

Generally, the iPhone is set up to support both storage space and a quality video with its quality camera.

iPhone XS

The iPhone was released in 2018, and it came as an upgraded version from other iPhones.

It made it to our list for those looking for cheap iPhones for vlogging in 2021.

And so it can perform much more than its other competitors.

It comes with a dual came of 12 MP at the back and a 7MP camera at the front.

Asides from smart HDR functionality, it helps with the colouring of pictures and videos.

The videos are sharp and crisp with the sensor that creates more light and is shot with a 4K at 30fps resolution.

iPhone XS supports low light; however, it doesn’t support night mode, unlike some competitors.

Also, the phone features a super Retina XDR, which helps with the display technology.

It is built with a quality design, and it is user friendly.

You can navigate through the phone easily.

It comes with a water and dust resistance that helps to avoid damage.

And with its tough appearance, the iPhone is very durable.

Depending on the amount of content you want to shoot, the iPhone comes in various storage sizes.

You can find from 64GB to 512GB, which is the minimum and maximum storage space.

The battery life of the phone isn’t there, especially if you are recording 4K. But then it can last for some hours.

Generally, the iPhone is one of the best vlogging iPhones in 2021, and there is no doubt.

iPhone SE

If you are looking for a vlogging iPhone on a budget, it is one to go for.

Asides from the fact that it is affordable, the iPhone has impressive features that make it fit into the best vlogging iPhones in 2021.

The iPhone features a rear camera of 28MMFf/1.8 (12MP) and a front camera of 7MP.

Its video resolution can be shot with 4K UP TO 60 frames per second.

And this gives the video a good quality, which is very okay for vlogging.

It also features a storage space of 64GB to 256GB, which is the minimum and the maximum.

For the price of the iPhone, it is a do away with.

Another feature of the iPhone is that it is lightweight, with 148g.

And has a battery life of 1821 mAh.

The iPhone has some down points like the fact that it uses old technology, and unlike other competitors, it doesn’t have a dual-camera.

But it is one affordable phone for vlogging, and it ticks the majority of the necessities needed to make your vlogging experience awesome.

Implication for you

By now, you should have been able to make your selection of iPhones that are suitable for vlogging from our best vlogging iPhones in 2021.

And you are probably thinking about where you can get one; you can check online stores like Amazon, Jumia and others.

However, we want you to know that the claims have no direct guarantee with Techuncode or the writer.

We had carefully and thoughtfully picked the claims from online reviews.

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