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Facebook Launches Cloud Gaming Service



Facebook launches cloud gaming to compete with Google, Microsoft, Sony, and Amazon

Facebook is making a foray into the gaming world by offering selected cloud-based games to its vast user base.

Starting from next week, Facebook will be launching the beta phase of its cloud-based gaming with five games. 

The selected games include a popular car race – Asphalt, an adventure game called Mobile Legends, and WWE Supercard.

Other games include Solitaire, Mobile Legends, and an extra addition – Dirty Bike Unchained.

All other of the big five, asides from Apple, are already offering cloud-based gaming products.

Google and Microsoft have launched Stadia, and XCloud, respectively.

Amazon’s Luna has also been announced but is yet to hit the shelves.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s rival – Sony, also has the Play Station Now to its name.  

Starting next week, the new Facebook game feature will be accessible on Facebook via web browsers or the Facebook app on Android. 

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What does this mean for Apple users?

Wondering if iOS is in on the party, the answer is no. At least not for now.

The hope is that Apple grants official support for Facebook games soon.

However, going by Jason Rubin’s (Facebook’s VP Play) comment on Monday, launching on the App Store doesn’t look like a viable option at the moment. 

The new Apple rules seem to be more limiting than supportive. Or maybe it’s poised on both ends.

However, there are many concerns about the rules. 

Apple went from totally barring cloud gaming services from appearing on iPhones and iPads to making few concessions that still do not cut it. 

Its new rules alter the prime make-up of cloud game services.

In straightforward terms, cloud gaming services are meant to be like the “Netflix” of games.

Users are supposed to be able to select from a collection of games when they are logged into the service.

But, Apple’s new rules require Google and others to enter each game into the Apple store separately.

This process is horrendously draining for the vendors and will, in the end, leave gamers with a half-baked experience

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Who’d be getting access to Facebook games?

In this beta phase, Facebook has decided to restrict access to certain areas in the US.

In the coming week, the following states will be having access to the feature:

  1. California 
  2. Texas 
  3. New York 
  4. Massachusetts
  5. New Jersey 
  6. Connecticut
  7. Rhode Island 
  8. Delaware 
  9. Pennsylvania 
  10. Maryland
  11. Washington, D.C
  12. Virginia and West Virginia 

More locations will be added in the coming months.

This testing phase will allow engineers to optimize technology based on users’ feedbacks. 

Facebook is entering into a stiffly competitive terrain here; one that’s dominated by more experienced players.

Hopefully, Facebook will manage to pull some tricks up its sleeves.

However, if this proves to be more difficult than anticipated, the social media giant can easily abort the mission.

Thus will be possible seeing that it hasn’t launched the product fully.

What do you think about this new feature coming from Facebook? Let us know in the comment section below.     

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