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Clubhouse Releases New Payment Feature Called ‘Payments’

Clubhouse introduces new payment feature called "Payments"
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Clubhouse was officially launched in April 2020. They had loitered and wandered for a while before they finally hit recognition a few months ago.

The app is audio-based and quite frankly, it’s an amazing change. We understand that typing can be stressful sometimes.

Not everybody can win the inner fight of laziness. It’s a relief for a lot of people that there can actually be an audio-based social media app. What’s even more exciting?

This app enables users to join groups and have direct conversations with creators.

If I’m not kidding anyone, I’m sure you already know about all of its features.

Everyone’s raving about the platform and other social media giants are attempting to compete with it. 

While other social media platforms are bringing the battle in their direction, Clubhouse is working on new features to make it more appealing to a wider fan base. 

The new feature

Clubhouse has released a new feature called “Payments”. The feature allows everyday users to send money directly to creators.

The feature is getting a lot of social media attention, enough to attract different content creators.

Basically, this feature makes the app a platform for exchange where users can log on and pay for special content curated by creators.

This feature aims to support content creators and help them monetize their content.

Now here’s another fun fact about Clubhouse’s payment system: besides a little token of the card processing fee, Clubhouse does not take a cut.

The creators get all of the money you send and the card processing fee goes to Clubhouse’s payment processing partner “Stripe”.

To send money to a creator, tap on their profile and then tap on “Send Money.” The first time you do this you’ll be asked to register a credit or debit card with Clubhouse.


The feature is available to all users from the sending side and will be gradually rolled out to creators, starting with a small test group.

According to the company, the idea is to “collect data and feedback, adjust the feature, and make it available to everyone soon.”

Clubhouse is doing this to be 100% sure of the functionality of the feature.

A small test group will be watched and monitored to determine if the program needs a little more switching up.

This is intended to avoid irreversible mistakes when the feature is finally out there and available for all.

Clubhouse says that this is the “first of many features” that will allow creators to be paid on its platform. 

We’d update this article with more details as soon as events continue to unfold. 

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