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What Is YouTube Up To With 45% Ad Revenue?

Monetise YouTube Shorts
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The video-sharing platform, YouTube did say it would monetize YouTube Shorts to enable people to earn more through its platform.  Creators will be able to earn 45% of the Ad revenues.

This is in line with its partnership program.

The YouTube partnership program gives creators greater access to YouTube resources and its monetization features.

Previously, YouTube only monetize its normal videos through Ad revenues and partnerships. And Shorts didn’t have any form of monetization attached to it.

However, this update is a big deal for creators.

It would create a new means for them to earn more money without the long-form content.

Initially, Shorts was created as short-form content to engage users, seeing the popularity of TikTok.

We could say it was a bid to join competing platforms like TikTok.

Just Like TikTok monetization, YouTube Shorts will be getting monetized when eligible.

Alongside this new development for its Shorts, YouTube reveals another revenue-generating update.

It announces its plan to introduce Super Thanks for Shorts.

This will enable viewers to show appreciation for their favourite creator’s Short videos.

Super Thanks for Shorts is another way for creators can earn through YouTube Shorts.

Interestingly, this is similar to the TikTok Tip feature which allows viewers to appreciate their favourite creator with a gift.

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YouTube will expand its eligibility criteria for its YouTube Partnership Program (YPP).

It will enable more users to earn through long and short content formats.

According to YouTube, by 2023, creators can subscribe to its YPP program at a requirement of 1,000 subscribers and 10M Shorts views over 90 days.

So, even if a creator cannot meet the views for long video content, the short one can get revenue for them.

However, it will continue with its 1000 subscribers per 4000 watch per hour policy.

Another good part of this expansion is that it plans to reduce the requirement for fan funding.

So, even those who aren’t part of its partnership program can earn on the platform.

How will YouTube Short Monetization work?

YouTube says that by 2023, creators in its YouTube Partnership Program will be eligible to earn through its Short.

They will be able to run ads in between their Shorts.

And whenever a video runs in between their video on the Short feed, they get paid 45% of the ad share at the end of the month.

However, the shares will be from the total amount allocated to the creators of their Short video view for the month.

So, the more ad revenue generated from your Shorts on the platform, the more you get paid.

According to YouTube, this form of fund earning is more sustainable that its former way.

“We expect the majority of our Shorts Fund recipients to earn more money under this new model, which was built for long-term sustainability. Instead of a fixed fund, we’re doubling down on the revenue sharing model that has supercharged the creator economy and enabled creators to benefit from the platform’s success.”

What might YouTube be up to?

The changes might be a verge for it to stand a greater chance against its competing platform TikTok.

With its YPP eligibility changing, more people can join its monetization program.

And of course, it will boost its community.

Also, it is creating several ways in which more people can earn through its platform.

It will be a good way to grow its consumer rate and earn more.

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