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Exclusive: Amazon Makes Bold Move, Drops Android for Fire TVs and Smart Displays

Get ready for a tech shake-up as Amazon gears up to ditch Android in favour of its very own operating system, codenamed “Vega.” It’s not just a casual flirtation; Amazon is starting with its Fire TV and Echo Show devices. The tech giant, famous for its ever-expanding hardware lineup, is cooking up something fresh, and it’s looking to spice up the tech world with a dash of innovation.

Imagine a world where your Fire TV Stick and Echo Show dance to a new OS beat. The rumour mill is buzzing, with reports suggesting that Amazon’s Vega OS is already making waves in the development scene. It’s like a backstage pass to the coolest tech concert, where the main act is a snazzy operating system derived straight from the Linux family tree, giving Android the ol’ “see you later.”

Testing the waters, Amazon is putting Vega through its paces on Fire TV streaming sticks and 3rd generation Echo Show 5. If that doesn’t sound like a sneak peek into the future, what does? Picture it: your Echo Show rebooting with a swagger, labelled as “OS 1.1,” and bidding farewell to Netflix. Change is in the air, and it’s looking pretty exciting.

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But why the grand departure from Android? Amazon seems to be playing the long game, aiming to captivate “hundreds of millions of eyeballs” across a spectrum of budget-friendly devices. The end goal? Monetising those peepers with ads and services. It’s a bold move, breaking free from the Android Open Source Project’s shackles to dance to their own Linux-infused rhythm.

Using open-source Android has been Amazon’s trusty sidekick, granting customisation powers without sacrificing app compatibility. However, there’s a catch – staying in sync with Google’s Android advancements becomes a challenge. Amazon’s Fire OS 7, for instance, hangs out in Android 9 territory, while the Google Pixel Tablet flaunts the shiny new Android 14. Cue the need for a change, a Vega-fueled transformation that could open doors to new hardware realms, including the mysterious world of in-car entertainment systems.

And that’s not all; Amazon is whispering sweet nothings in app developers’ ears, urging them to embrace Meta’s React Native. This framework switcheroo ensures app compatibility across a range of operating systems, from iOS to Android. It’s like giving developers a universal key to unlock the potential of Amazon’s hardware kingdom.

Why Vega, you ask? Well, Android, with its mobile OS roots, carries some excess baggage unsuited for low-cost smart home hardware. Vega, being a “web-first” OS, promises a performance boost without the unnecessary weight. It’s like trading in your clunky old sedan for a sleek, high-performance sports car.

 Parting ways with Android could also mean Amazon stepping out from under Google’s umbrella, setting the stage for new, exciting partnerships with other hardware wizards. The plot thickens, the stage is set, and the tech world braces itself for the arrival of Vega – Amazon’s bold step towards an OS revolution. Get ready to witness the future, where the only constant is change, and innovation is the name of the game.


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