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Google Meet To Get Noise Cancellation Feature



Google Meet to Get Noise Cancellation Feature

The days of running away from unwanted noise when using Google Meet is over!

Google is reportedly rolling out an in-app noise cancellation feature in its video-conferencing app.

According to a reliable source, the feature will debut on both iOS and Android.

However, not all users will have access to the incoming feature. 

From our discovery, the feature will be restricted to the following categories of users;

  • G-suite enterprise customers
  • G-suite enterprise for education customers

The feature initially rolled out in June, but only for the website.

Now, Google is set to roll it out to mobile users as part of its recent restructuring.

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How the noise cancellation works

In a demo video, Serge Lachapelle, product manager at Google, showcased how the feature works. 

According to Lachapelle, the “cloud denoiser” will be activated once a user gets on a Google Meet call.

As such, it will kill-off background noises like a dog barking, keyboard, falling can, e.t.c.

In the demo video, Lachapelle tried to make interrupting sounds with different materials.

However, they all sunk into the background.

In a blog post, G-suite confirmed that the feature is usually turned off by default. 

Anyway, users can switch it on by navigating through the call’ settings during a call. 


The new feature will be available for the earlier stated category of customers.

This also means you must have paid a minimum monthly charge of $4/user.

Google wants to monetize Google Meet

Recall that Google recently recommended that Google Meet calls will now attract charges.

This, however, may only apply to meetings that exceed 60-minutes time frame.

Also, while Google’s free-for-all was announced in April, the offer will end by September 30.

As such, Google Meet may cease to be ‘free-for-all’ starting from next month.

The incoming feature is another way of monetizing the app.

 Currently, “the cloud denoiser” is limited to paid-customers alone.

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How to turn on the noise cancellation

Firstly, note that the feature can be turned on during or before the video call.

Here is how to go about that ‘before’ a video call;

  • Visit >> Select video call
  • Ahead of joining the call, tap on the more options icon >> Settings.
  • Tap on audio >> Turn on Noise cancellation.
  • Join the call

Here is how to go about that ‘during’ a video call;

  • While on the call, tap on the more options icon >> Settings.
  • Tap on audio >> Turn on Noise cancellation.
  • Continue with your call.

In conclusion

The world is quickly adopting more digital alternatives. 

Thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that changed the narrative.

Now, more than ever, virtual meetings have become a norm in the corporate world.

As such, vendors of these services need to improve on their provisions.

Are you excited about the in-app noise cancellation feature for Google Meet?

Kindly share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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