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Google Plans To Turn YouTube Into An E-Shopping Mall

Google is making YouTube into an E-Shopping Mall

Google is making YouTube into an internet shopping mall.

The video platform is trying out a new feature that will allow users to buy products they see in videos.

The development is one change that will set YouTube up in other industries. In fact, Amazon is about to earn itself a new competitor.

Asides from bagging the potential to compete in a new market space, there are other perks.

Users of the video platform will enjoy the user-friendly nature of being able to shop what they see.

The need to go on a hunt for the product on another platform, like Amazon, will be eliminated.

This automatically translates to fewer customers for Amazon.

According to reports by Bloomberg, YouTube began asking YouTubers to tag and track goods used in videos.

The data gathered is then sent to Google and developed into statistics and tools for YouTube.

The statistics and tools will inform the modification in the works.

Reports also have it that the company is working with Shopify to sell on YouTube.

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The feature is currently in the trial stage and tests are ongoing on some YouTube channels.

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YouTubers can also decide what goods appear on their videos.

They are free to choose what goods show as available for sale.

There’s no word on how much quota YouTube will take from products sold.

The company’s Spokesman didn’t divulge any plans on making money per sales.

Currently, the company takes a 30 percent quota for every subscriber a creator gets.

It’s still not likely that the sales quota will be as high as the one from creators.

Creators on Youtube already make a token from affiliate marketing without charges incurred.

For creators to jump on the new train, there’ll have to be some other catch.

And that catch would have to be better than the former.

For now, creators have the power to milk the opportunity.

They can convince viewers to purchase products on the platform and make their cut from the sale.

YouTube is the biggest video site in the industry.

With that amount of recognition, Alibaba Group and Amazon.com might have a competition on their hands.

YouTube is one of the least utilized assets,” according to the President of Basket, Andy Ellwood.

He further added, “If they decided they want to invest in it, it’s a huge opportunity for them.”

The exact date for when the new addition to the video site will roll out is still unknown.

However, in a few years from now, we’ll definitely find out.

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