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Google To Display COVID-19 Measures On Google Travel

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Google announced that it would add information on safety and health measures to its Google travel services.

It is no news that the COVID-19 pandemic is still out in many countries.

Despite this, people are travelling around and visiting places for many reasons.

However, there are safety measures in place to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread.

But still, it doesn’t ensure the safety of people visiting some locations.

Google has made visiting places easier for people.

It now displays information on the health and safety measures of some travel locations, when searches are done.

To make it clear, if someone searches for a hotel on the search platform, Google brings out all the information about what the hotel is putting in place to ensure the safety of the customers.

Some of such information include enhanced cleaning, personal protection, minimized contact, etc.

However, not all locations have been listed for this development.

Besides, Google requires establishments to fill in health and safety information about their business on Google My Business platform.

Some hotels in Nigeria already adopting this development are Eko Hotels, Royal residence, Transcorp Hilton Abuja, The Lodge by Kabachi and many more.

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To access safety measures info on locations

Go to the Google Travel website, Click on the search box and type in the location of your choice.

The website brings out a series of information regarding the search, including the “About” feature.

Click on the feature to read about the safety and health measure the establishment offers.

For now, Google is partnering with only hotels.

However, it plans on partnering with vacation rental services and travel agency in the long run.

Also, Google keeps a government travel restriction warning on some locations concerning the global pandemic.

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