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Why Roman, Chelsea, Abba Kyari, NNPC, Hushpuppi, Fuel Scarcity Top Google Trends Today

World Cup 2026, Amanda Aldridge, U.S. Open, Others Top Trends In United States, Google Trends Today: Roman, Chelsea, Abba Kyari, NNPC, Hushpuppi, Fuel Scarcity
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Google trends currently generating wide discourse are about issues around Chelsea and its Manager, Roman Abramovich, NNPC, Abba Kyari, Hushpuppi, Fuel Scarcity and many others. Also, tweeps are interested in issues around Russia and Ukraine, with hashtag like #IStandWithPutin, #IStandWithRussia, #NotMyPresident, Gates and Fuel scarcity.

So, do you want to join the global discourse on these issues?

This report will help you make informed contributions to the various discourse.

We would give you a brief background gist about these issues and why they are trending on the bird’s app.

Roman Abramovich:

Chelsea manager, Roman Abramovich has confirmed reports that he wants to sell Chelsea Football Club.

This is a fallout from the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukrainean.

With the invasion, the UK government is having great pressure to seize assets belonging to Russians with link to Putin.

Vladimir Putin is Russia’s president.

With this threat, the UK government is likely on the move to sanction Abramovich and seize Chelsea.

So, if that happens, he won’t be to fund the club any longer or even make money from its sale.

Abramovich is seeking around £3 billion ($2.24 billion) for the Blues.

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According to him, However, he wants to sell the club because it is in the best interest of the club.

He said, “As I have stated before, I have always taken decisions with the club’s best interest at heart.

“In the current situation, I have therefore taken the decision to sell the club, as I believe this is in the best interest of the club, the fans, the employees, as well as the club’s sponsors and partners.

“The sale of the club will not be fast-tracked but will follow due process. I will not be asking for any loans to be repaid.

“This has never been about business nor money for me, but about pure passion for the game and club.”


The military operation going on in Ukraine is generating a new reaction on Twitter.

Before today, there were much sympathy towards Ukraine and reactions were against President Putin for launching the invasion.

While the invasion raged, tweeps all over the world went hard against Putin.

However, the table is turning as many tweeps, under the hashtag, #IStandWithPutin And #IStandWithRussia have sprang up.

These tweeps, many of who are from India and other African countries, believe that the war in Ukraine is told from one side of the story.

They said western media including The United States of America and NATO are reporting the crisis to draw sympathy to Ukraine while painting Russia and Putin as the monster.

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They showed clips and pictures claiming the US and NATO have been bombing innocent civilians in India, Belgrade, Iraq, Syria and many other countries for many years with nobody condemning them.

So, to the tweeps, the stories coming from the #RussianUkrainianWar against Russia are laced with lies.

NNPC and Fuel scarcity:

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, has claimed that the current fuel scarcity in Nigeria is as a result of marketers hoarding fuel.

NNPC, through Mele Kyari, the GMD/CEO, however told Nigerians to avoid panic buying of fuel.

IT also said that it has already started loading fuel at depots to clear queues on Fuel scarcity.

Meanwhile, Nigerians are miffed by President Muhammadu Buhari, the Minister of Petroleum, whom they said chose to travel abroad for medical tourism while Nigerians are experiencing fuel scarcity.

They said the president’s act smacks of a petroleum minister that does not care about the hardship the ministry he chairs causes the people.

What do you think?

Melinda Gates:

Meanwhile, French Melinda Gates has raised talks in the media as she has opened up on her divorce with her husband.

According to her, she cried a lot in her marriage with Microsoft co-founder and billionaire, Bill Gates.

She said ‘trust’ was ‘broken’ during her marriage to Bill.

Melinda and Bill were married for 27 years before divorcing.

She told King that she shed “a lot of tears for many days,” and recalled lying on the carpet thinking, “How can this be? How can I get up? How am I going to move forward?”

The 57-year-old philanthropist’s rare television interview will air in its entirety on Thursday.

It is the first time she has spoken publicly about her divorce.

The Tiffany Network released a teaser of King’s sit-down with the tech mogul’s ex-wife.

“I certainly believe in forgiveness, so I thought we had worked through some of that,” French Gates said.

“It wasn’t one moment or one specific thing that happened.

There just came a point in time where there was enough there that I realized it just wasn’t healthy, and I couldn’t trust what we had.

“Once trust is broken, isn’t it hard to get it back?” King, 67, asks French Gates in the clip.

“Very, it’s very hard to get it back, in any relationship,” she responds.

Hushpuppi and Abba Kyari:

The gist about why Hushpuppi is trending centres around the Attorney General of the Federation, AGF, Abubakar Malami has asked the court for approval for immediate extradition of police chief Abba Kyari to the United States over link with Hushpuppi fraud.

Kyari was formerly indicted by the FBI last year on allegations of conniving with Hushpuppi to defraud a Qatari businessman of millions of dollars.

The real name of Hushpuppi is Ramon Abbas.

He is an international fraudster. Nigeria extradited him to the U.S. from Dubai in 2020.

Mr Malami said Nigeria should extradite Kyari so he can face trial in the U.S. because his case there was solid and not politically or religiously motivated.


This report gives you a brief background about why those issues are trending on Twitter.

Also, with this background, you can now join the global conversation about these trending issues that have topped Google trends.

Share this report and type your comment below.

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