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How Court Sacked Adeleke As Osun Governor Using BVAS Records

The potential of the INEC BVAS machine is coming to fore the more as court has sacked Adeleke as Osun Governor following BVAS records.

How To Locate And Confirm Your Polling Unit Before Election Day, INEC BVAS Machine, BVAS Voting Technology By INEC Has Many Loopholes

The potential of the INEC BVAS machine is coming to fore the more as court has sacked Adeleke as Osun Governor following BVAS records.

Meanwhile, continue reading to know how BVAS works and prevents election rigging.

Justice Tetsea Kume of the Election Petitions Tribunal annulled the victory of the result of the July 16 Osun governorship election.

Singer, Davido Adeleke’s uncle, Ademola Adeleke had emerged winner of the governorship election.

However, delivering judgement in the case on Friday, the court sacked Adeleke as governor on the bases that the BVAS machine recorded excess voting for Adeleke.

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Adegboyega Oyetola had petitioned the court over claims that the BVAS registered over-voting for Ademola.

Justice Tetsea Kume, said INEC failed to comply with electoral Act and constitution by not declaring Oyetola winner even in the face of over-voting.

The judge, subsequently, deducted the over-voting observed from the votes scored by Ademola Adeleke, bringing his votes down to 290, 266.

This latest figure places him second to Oyetola who polled 314, 921 during the poll.

Here is how the BVAS works to prevent election rigging:

The Bimodal or Biometrics Voter Accreditation System has replaced the Card Reader System which INEC introduced in 2015.

INEC replaced the Card Reader system because of some shortfalls which ended up not addressing the issue of election rigging.

INEC introduced BVAS for conducting credible elections in Nigeria.

The voting technology, according to INEC, will terminate election rigging and other electoral malpractices.

Also, the electoral umpire has touted the BVAS as an unbreakable system that prevents any form of electoral malpractice.

The INEC BVAS machine comes in to ensure that electoral processes are free, fair, and credible to enhance the credibility of the elected authority or government.

BVAS helps in the areas of voter verification, voting and vote counting. Also, it helps result validation.

The system helped in real-time collation of votes, transmission, and publishing of results from all polling centres.

In the Osun election, the BVAS recorded over-voting for Adeleke.

What Ademola Adeleke scored was above the total accredited voters.

Since BVAS has the advantage of eliminating the INCIDENT FORM, it becomes impossible for the Total Number of Votes to exceed the Total Accredited voters.

So, based on that, the election tribunal has nullified the victory sustained by Adeleke, declaring Oyetola as winner.

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