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How To Apply For Facebook’s $10 Million Black Gaming Creator Program

Facebook And 1.5B Users’s Data On Sale After Outage: Twitter Inquires Cost? :How to Apply for Facebook's $10 Million Black Gaming Creator Program

Facebook gaming, a branch of Facebook Inc., announced the Black Gaming Creator Program (BGCP) launch earlier in the week.

The program, which comes alongside funding valued to be worth $10 million, will last for two years.

According to BGCP official website, the program was created as part of Facebook’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

While the funding is to support the next generation of Black gaming creators, Facebook says it’s a way of giving back to its community.

“We want to give back to our amazing gaming community and invest into the dreams of our future Black gaming creators through our new Black Gaming Creator Program,” the blog post reads.

Speaking on the new initiative, King Richard, content creator at Facebook Gaming, said that;

“The program is designed to help people make the transition into full-time streaming, something that’s consider extremely hard.”

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Although Richard didn’t explain what transition he is referring to at length, Techuncode could depict that this particular program addresses not just developers but also streamers and content creators.

A progressive attempt to support Black-owned ventures

The latest funding builds on Facebook’s initial $200 million commitment to support Black-owned businesses and organizations earlier in the year.

Also, this commitment from Facebook is an extension of the broader $1.1 billion investment in Black and diverse suppliers and communities in the US.

More so, this is not the first for Facebook who has also, through Instagram, committed $25 million to support the Black creators’ community.

Source: PRI.Org

It is also important to note that majority of Facebook’s support comes on the hill of the #BlackLiveMatters movement in the US.

Recall that Facebook said the broader plan is to fortify the bigger fight for racial justice in the US.

Attached Benefits

As for participation, creators selected to participate in the program will be put on a guaranteed monthly stipend.

In addition, selected participants will also secure a Facebook Gaming partnership as well as other benefits including but not limited to the following:

  1. Early product launches
  2. Virtual and physical gaming events
  3. Access to exclusive gaming concierge support
  4. Mentorship opportunity with an established black creator, e.t.c.

Another interesting benefit Facebook offers is helping creators with monetization using Stars, Fans subscription, and live Ads.

However, to enjoy the monetization benefits, participating creators must meet the platform’s integrity-based requirements.

Although this kind gesture is targeted at the gaming community, it will also expand the fan base of the Facebook gaming platform.

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Currently, the Facebook Gaming app has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play Store.

More so, the platform has garnered more than 140,000 reviews with an average rating pegged at 4.2 of 5 stars.

Relatively, this is a very good feat for the platform, considering that it was only launched in April 2020.

Eligibility and how to apply for BGCP

To apply for BGCP, applicants must be at least 14-years and not older than 18-years and must get approval from their parents.

Additionally, interested participants must have created a Facebook/Instagram account and must reside in the US.

More so, corporate applicants must possess at least 51% Black ownership.

On the other hand, Facebook employees/contractors as well as relatives are excluded from participating in the program.

As for participation, below is a simple guide to registering for BGCP:

  1. Log on to the official website, and proceed to apply by imputing your email as required and press “Start”

2. Input your persona details where required and prevent misspelling or avoidable mistakes.

3. Fill your game details including type of gaming content, game genre, kind of resources among others.

4. Confirm that you are eligible for the program by selecting an age range as required.

5. Once done, read through the terms and conditions/policies; if comfortable, proceed to submit.

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