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How To Download X (Twitter) Videos On Your Phone Or Laptop

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On X (Formerly Twitter), people post all types of entertaining and educational videos which you may want to download.

X formerly known as Twitter
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On X (Formerly Twitter), people post all types of entertaining and educational videos which you may want to download. Also, now that X has started paying users for engagements on their tweets, you would agree that video contents pull more engagements. Therefore, if you are wondering how to download X videos and, perhaps, retweet them, then this report is explains how to download videos on X.

While there’s no official way to download videos from X, online tools, apps, and some of the best Chrome extensions have you covered.

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All you do is copy and paste the link to the X post with the video into one of the tools, and the extension takes care of the rest.

Download X videos on any platform on your phone.

There are tons of apps on the best Android devices, Windows, and Chrome extensions that can help you download X videos.

However, it’s important to keep an eye on their privacy and data collection policy, as many of them collect things like your device ID and share it with third parties.

The tools on this list do not collect your data; at least, that’s what their developers claim.

1. Download X videos on Android Via Tweeload:

Tweeload, the video downloader for X, is a free app on the Google Play Store.

It’s free to install and effortless to use. Here’s how to download X videos using it.

How It Works:

How to Download X (Twitter) Videos:

Downloading videos from Twitter is a breeze using Tweeload. To download your favourite Twitter videos just follow these three simple steps.

i) Copy the Tweet Link:

Tap on the Share icon below the Tweet. Tap on Copy Link from the list of options.

ii) Paste the Tweet link:

Paste the copied link into the field above and click on the Download button.

iii) Download the video:

Choose your resolution and click on the Download button to download the video.

Download it here.

2. Google Chrome Extension:

Download X videos using Google Chrome extensions.

Twitter video downloader is a fast and reliable Google Chrome browser extension that’s free and doesn’t collect your browsing history or spy on what you do on the web.

However, it is only available on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. So, Firefox users might need to rely on the Twitter download video extension.

How To Download X Via Google Chrome Extension

i) Go to this link and click Add to Chrome.
ii) Click Add extension.
iii) Restart your browser and visit twitter.com.
iV) When a video appears on your feed, you’ll see a Download icon beside the Share icon.
v) Click the Download icon to see a list of video quality options.
vi) Click one of the options to start the download.

The extension can download videos up to 1080p. However, the video quality depends on the uploader.

There are other extensions too, but be wary of the data they collect by glancing in the Privacy practices tab.

Download X videos on your Windows Laptop using a standalone app:

If you frequently download X videos, you might want to download a standalone Windows app.

Most open source X video downloaders for PC use youtube-dl. This open source tool downloads media from almost any website.

youtube-dl was previously banned due to anti-circumvention, a law that prevents bypassing the technological barrier to download copyrighted content.

However, the ban was soon lifted by GitHub.

youtube-dl GUI is an open source front-end app for youtube-dl that lets you effortlessly download X videos for free.

Here’s how to use it:

i) Go to youtube-dl GUI’s official GitHub release page and download the latest .exe file.
ii) Double-click the file to launch the app.
iii) Go to twitter.com and copy the link you want to download.
iv) In youtuble-dl GUI, paste the link to the video in the Enter URLs below text box. You can paste multiple links in this box.
v) Choose the location where you want to save the video
vi) Click Add.
vii) Click the Download button to start the download.

If youtube-dl GUI’s UI is too bland for your taste, Hitomi Downloader is another great open source youtube-dl front-end to download X videos.

You can download X videos from the Terminal app if you’re savvy enough. Pip is automatically installed when you install Python.

Then, all you do is copy the Tweet URL, type youtube-dl , and click Enter after replacing with the actual link.

Alternative tools to download X videos:

If you don’t like the official X client, there are lots of third-party clients you can use.

Apart from making your feed feel less cluttered, these apps come with a few great features, one of which is the ability to download videos on the fly.

Give Albatross a try.

Download it here.

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