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If You’re Using Android Device, Delete This Bank Account Hacking App



Fake authenticator app on Google play store

If you are using an Android device like android phone or tablet, make sure you delete this bank account hacking App now.

It is a Google Play store password security authenticator app that can hack into your bank account and empty it in a matter of minutes!

With the rampant issues of hackers tapping users’ phones  and stealing their private information and even money, tech platforms have launched a two-factor authentication to protect users.

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However, as apps and tech platforms have come up with this feature to protect users, so also have hackers found ways to fake it.

Now, android users stand the risk of downloading an authenticator app on Google Play store that can endanger their privacy.

This app can also empty a victim’s bank account in minutes.

Meanwhile, gone are those days when play stores are free from apps that are dangerous.

Recently, we have seen how many mareware apps have found their ways onto Play store shelves and this recent one is very dangerous.

What’ s the app:

On Google Play Store, there is an app, 2FA Authenticator.

This mareware app poses as a legitimate application that helps users keep their online accounts safe.

However, if you download this app, what it does to you is that it drops malware into your mobile devices.

How It Works:

The 2FA Authenticator will cause you pains and loses.

If you make the mistake of downloading it on your mobile device, it quickly installs a virus on your phone.

It installs a virus, Vulture on your phone that allows hackers hack your information.

A security research firm, Pradeo discovered this fake app, warning that it installs Vultur and then compromises your phone’s security.

The company also warns that the virus equally compromises your financial information such as banking details.

“Our analysis revealed that the dropper automatically installs a malware called Vultur which targets financial services to steal users’ banking information,” read the report.

What even hides its fake nature is that it is on Google Play and maitains a Google Play profile.

Rather, its profile does not disclose the critical permissions it requests in order to hack into users’ phones.

What this means is that it hides its permission from the unsuspecting victim.

Meanwhile, the hidden permissions allow the app to automatically disable  your password to your device.

It then collects and send your application list and localization to the hackers.

Also, it freely performs activities on your phone even when you shut off the app.

Other ham the app causes you:

Also, this fake 2two-factor authenticator can download third-party applications on your phone.

So, you just wake up one day and see that you now have so many apps on your phone that you never downloaded yourself.

Additionally, this fake app downloads third-party apps and overlays them on other mobile apps on your device.

So, for instance, it can overlay dating site app on your WhatsApp without your permission.

Google takes action:

Luckily, Google has removed this fake app from its play store.

Google  became aware and removed it after the  security research firm, Pradeo revealed the threat.

However, the firm warned that those who still have the app on their phones can still fall victim to hackers behind it.

Also, the 2FA currently has more than 10,000 users.

Check if you are one of them as you would need to delete it manually from your device.

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