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Instagram Moderator Feature Would Do These Things During A Live

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Instagram has announced the launch of a new feature, the Instagram moderator feature.

It is a feature that would allow users to moderate live streams.

They would be able to report comments, remove viewers, turn off the comment of specific viewers.

A moderator can be assigned when the three-dot icon button on the comment bar is clicked during a live stream.

From there, you can choose from the options of account shown, or you can search for the account of your choice through the search bar.

Interestingly, Instagram Live has existed since 2016, and, shockingly, the platform has not added the feature to moderate.

Moderation has been a look forward to feature on live streaming platforms.

Some of these live streaming platforms, like YouTube, and Twitch, things could get really ugly in the comment section if not put under control.

So some of them have enabled the moderation feature on their platform.

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This would help the moderators control how things run during the live.

A platform like Twitter Spaces, which just came to light, also has the ability to control comments while a Space is on.

Even Instagram’s sister’s company, Facebook, has the ability to add moderators.

Instagram is looking for more ways to improve its platform for creatives.

It had granted them the ability to monetize its platform.

The moderation feature would make the streaming experience a lot better for creatives.

Implication for readers

If you are reading this and are a creator on Instagram, you should be excited about the Instagram moderator feature.

To access it, you should update your Instagram to access the feature.

The feature is one many creators are looking forward to having during a live stream.

You can control how things go on during your live video.

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