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Instagram To Allow Users Customise Pronouns On Its Platform



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Instagram is looking to make its users’ experience on its platform a lot easier. It announced that it would make it easier for its users to add a pronoun to their profile.

That is, they can have and use a defined pronoun to address people.

Users would have to choose 4 pronouns they want to display on their profile to only their followers or the public.

Users can decide to enable and disengage with the feature as they please. But for those under the age of 18, Instagram would enable the feature by default.

“Add up to 4 pronouns and edit or remove them any time. You can also choose to display pronouns to only people who follow you.”

How to add the pronouns to your profile

To add the pronouns to your profile, Instagram would require you to fill out a form.

It would ask for the pronouns for users to fill and your Instagram username.

However, you can automatically add it to your profile if the form is not yet available.

The Facebook-owned company said that the feature would be available only to few countries and expand to more countries.

However, it hasn’t specified the countries it would be accessible to or the other countries it would be expanding to.

Since it is a US-based company, many assume that the U.S. is involved in its availability.

However, this is coming after Instagram announced to be testing Ads in its clone feature.

It had announced that it would begin to add ads in its TikTok like feature, Reels.

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This came as a commitment to maximizing its platform for money-making moves.​

Going down memory lane, Facebook had started defining pronouns on its platform in 2014.

However, this was limited to some specific pronouns like “he/him, she/her, and they/them.”

Unlike Facebook, Instagram would make available more of these pronouns to its users.

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