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iOS Users Can Now Share Tweets On Instagram Stories

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Twitter has announced updates to its iOS App with features that enable users to swiftly and easily share their tweets from the micro-blogging platform to Instagram.

The app with a bird logo announced saying, “Skip the screenshots –sharing Tweets to Instagram Stories right from the share menu is now rolling out to everyone on iOS!”

How It Works:

It explained that users can click on the iOS Share Sheet icon to use the feature, where there are several app options for them to choose from.

“Tap the share icon on a Tweet and select “Instagram Stories”.

“Once your Instagram app opens, you can resize/reposition the Tweet sticker before posting.”

According to the social networking platform, underneath a tweet, a user can tap on the share icon and choose “Instagram Stories” from the series of options displayed.

The action, explained Twitter, would take you to Instagram platform where you can edit, resize, re-position, and use other image adornments like stickers, texts, music and annotation.

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Previously, Twitter users would take screenshots and share them manually on Instagram to have their timelines updated with contents.

However, the new updates has bridged the long process, allowing users to share their contents easily.

Meanwhile, the interface, as observed by some users, seem to only work better with text-like and image-based tweets at the moment.

This means it does not allow video-based tweets yet.

A try to share video-based tweets converts the .mp4 clip to JPEG format on the Instagram interface.

Well, if this is not deliberate, a bug problem or simply an oversight, then perhaps, Twitter will have to fix that soon.

Also, although none iOS users may soon be able to share their tweets to their Instagram Stories, Twitter has not, for instance, given any comment on updating its Android version to allow Android users enjoy the same features.

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Instagram photos don’t preview on Twitter anymore

Unlike Twitter, it is still unlikely for users to share contents from Instagram to Twitter.

If a user tries to post an Instagram link on Twitter, it appears as an ordinary URL.

Before 2012, Instagram photos could show up in Twitter’s stream and users could preview a full image of their Instagram post on Twitter.

However, since 2012, the feature hasn’t been available. For a while, the cropped version of the Instagram post would show, then later, it became a white space tweets.

Both platforms aren’t giving any hint of the feature coming back.

Similar update; Tweets could be added to snaps.

Last year, a similar update was released by multimedia messaging app, Snapchat which enables iOS users to share tweets to their Snapchat apps.

In addition, the feature allows the users to add their tweets into their Snapchats as stickers.

This was after users could only share tweets by taking screenshots and posting them without having to access the edit features of Snapchat. However, with the update, iOS users gained access to share tweets directly on their snapchats.

How it works?

Users share their tweets by clicking on the share button on a public tweet and then selecting the Snapchat icon from the share sheet.

If a user selected the tweet as a sticker, then such a person can create a “snap” with it and share it with friends.

However, unlike Twitter’s recent announcement, Snapchat said had announced that the feature would soon be available to Android users too.

Many android users are definitely expecting the updates and Twitter, which makes it easier for users to spread their tweets far and wide on several platforms without much stress or process, will hopefully respond on the affirmative soon.

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