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iPhone 13: Mistakes To Avoid; How To Pre-order, Buy On Installments

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You want iPhone 13? Then there are mistakes to avoid as well as steps to pre-order and buy on installments.

Apple has recently launched its latest smartphone lineups, iPhone 13.

However, since the launch, many people, including you, have been trying to pre-order and buy the device.

However, there are mistakes that many people are not aware of before buying the new smartphones.

Also, Apple did not and will not tell people about these mistakes or what to do.

So, in this article, we will show you how to avoid these mistakes.

We will also show you how to pre-order and buy any iPhone 13.

Equally, we will show you where to get any of the new smartphone models without cash and pay on installments.

What you must know:

Apple launched the new smartphone lineup with A15, battery boost and other new features.

Specifically, the company unveiled four versions of the new smartphone.

They include iPhone 13, iPhone13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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Also, the smartphone company unveiled two refurbished iPads and the Apple Watch Series 7.

Meanwhile, the smartphones also support 5G and come with iOS 15.

They equally come in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and a new 1TB storage capacities.

While iPhone13 costs at least $799, the iPhone13 mini costs $699.

Similarly, iPhone13 Pro and iPhone13 Pro Max, cost  $999 and $1,099, respectively.

So, the most affordable version is the iPhone 13 mini, which starts at $699.

Meanwhile, because they are brand new smartphones, getting a discount may not be possible.

But you can get a discount if you have a phone to trade in.

In the meantime, Apple said the new lineup have better battery improvements compared to its predecessors.

So, let us see what mistakes you must know before you get yourself an iPhone 13 and what you should do.

Mistakes to avoid before buying iPhone 13:Apple Launches iPhone 13 With A15, Battery Boost: See All New Features

1: Don’t buy iPhone 12 Case for iPhone 13 models:

What you must know is that the version 13 are thicker than the version 13 of Apple’s iPhone series.

Apple did not mention this during its September launch event.

However, you must avoid this first mistake by knowing that Apple’s new smartphone lineups have different sizes from their predecessors.

So, any of the latest versions is thicker than the iPhone 12 series or older versions.

Also, iPhone 13 models have larger camera than iPhone 12 or older versions:

You must, therefore, not think that the camera sizes of the 13 lineups are the same as those of iPhone 12 or older versions.

So, what it means is that if you decide to buy a case for your iPhone 13, buy something slightly bigger.

Don’t go wasting your money by buying iPhone 12 casing for the any of latest smartphone, it won’t fit.

2: Don’t rush to buy iPhone 12 or older versions because latest ones are here:

The common observation is that most people go buying older versions each time new models come out.

However, what you should know is that it is better to get the 13 mini, which is the cheapest than buying iPhone 12.

This is because, you will just add a little money and get yourself the new device which has better chipset.

It is faster, has better battery capacity and better camera.

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You will get 2 new high-performance core, 4 new high efficiency cores and faster Neural engine on the iPhone 13.

Also, you will get new display engine, new video encoders and decoders.

You will also get double system cache and new image signal processor if you get any of Apple’s latest iPhone instead of iPhone 12.

3: Don’t buy yourself iPhone 13 mini except your last phone was below iPhone 11 or old android phone:

You won’t be happy using the mini version of the new smartphone because the battery will disappoint you.

While iPhone 11 upwards have good battery, the 13 mini lacks better capacity.

Apple Launches iPhone 13 With A15, Battery Boost: See All New Features


4: Don’t think you must get the iPhone Pro or Pro max to enjoy better camera:

All the new iPhone models come with improved camera capabilities than the iPhone 12.

Although Apple boasted more about the cameras on the pro and pro max, saying they are awesome.

However, the cameras on the normal 13 and 13 mini have brand new sensor chip technology, with f/1.6. aperture.

They also have 47 % more light-gathering, 26 mm focal length, 7 element lens and 100% Focus Pixels.

5: Don’t think you must get the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro max to enjoy Cinematic mode:

You must know that all the latest models come with the cinematic mode.

So, regardless of any 13 models you buy, you will enjoy cool and awesome video effect.

6: 120 Hz Refresh rate display upgrades on iPhone 13 pro and pro max are not necessary if:

You may be saying that the 120 Hz refresh rate display upgrade on the pro and pro max are cool.

Yes, they are. But of what use are they to you if you don’t do serious photo editing?

Also, why get a pro or pro max if you don’t do graphics designing or video editing effects?

If you don’t also watch high definition videos or intense 3D games, then you don’t need 120Hz device.

Instead, a 60Hz refresh rate on the normal or mini versions will give you all you need.

It will also save you a lot of cash rather than going for the 13 pro or pro max.

7: Don’t think you will buy you brand new iPhone 13 with a charger:

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that any of the iPhone 13 comes with its charger.

Nope! You will have to buy a brand new charger for your new phone because they come without one.

So, don’t go fighting the vendor to give you a charger without paying for it.

Apple Launches iPhone 13 With A15, Battery Boost: See All New Features

8: Night Time Modes only available on main lenses of iPhone 13 and mini versions.

Only the the pro and pro max models have all their cameras capable of taking night time photography.

However, the flat and mini versions have only their main lenses to do this. Other lenses cannot take night mode.

Their wide lenses can do night mode. But their ultra wide lenses cannot.

So, don’t go expecting your iPhone 13 and the mini versions to take night mode photography with their other lenses.

Now, let us see how you can pre-order and get yourself one of Apple’s latest iPhone on best deals.

But let us first see when you can do so since the phones are not yet out there for you.


When can you pre-order an iPhone 13?

Apple used to allow access for pre-orders for its new smartphones usually at midnight.

However, this time, pre-orders started at 5 a.m. PDT / 8 a.m. ET on Friday, Sept. 17.

Also, those who can pre-order are people in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, the UK, and the US.

Similarly, in Turkey, pre-orders begin on October. 1st, 2021.

Also, people in Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, and a few other countries will pre-order for the smartphone on October. 8.

How to pre-order:

1: You can pre-order the new phones from Apple.

You can do this by visiting Apple’s website at apple.com/store, the Apple Store app, and at Apple Stores.

Meanwhile, note that you can pay full price or in installments.

Also, if you want to swap your current phone and add some money to buy any of the latest iPhone models, Apple says you can do that.

Just check out Apple’s trade-ins.

2: Pre-Order From AT&T and get iPhone 13 even without cash:

AT&T has said that you can walk into its shops and walk out with the 128GB versions of the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, or iPhone 13 mini for $0 or the iPhone 13 Pro Max for up to $1,000 off.

How is this possible? Well, its not actually out rightly free.

What the company is saying is that you can get the phone and pay on installments if you meet its eligibility requirements.

So, you’ll have to buy the phone using a monthly payment plan and AT&T will apply credits to your account over 36 months.

Pre-order yours now as the iPhone 13 series will also be available at AT&T Prepaid and Cricket starting on Sept. 24.

You can also pre-order from Optimum Online.

3: Pre-Order From Verizon

With an installment plan, current and new customers can get an iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max without cash on Verizon.

The installment plan will run over 24 or 30 months.

Meanwhile, you can get up to $500 discount from Verizon to help cover the cost of switching from another carrier, via a virtual prepaid Mastercard.

Pre-orders started Sept. 17.

4: Pre-Order From T-Mobile

With T-Mobile’s “Forever Upgrade,” you can trade in your eligible smartphone, and get a latest Apple’s phone with 5G (12 or 13) on an eligible plan.

What this means is that you can enter an installment plan for the phones that will last your entire life span.

Also, customers can get up to $800 off in trade-in value every two thereafter.

T-Mobile says if you don’t have a phone to trade in right now, you can still buy a new iPhone 13 and get Forever Upgrade status.

You can get up to half off the Pro or up to $500 off any latest iPhone series via bill credits over 30 months.


Generally, there isn’t much changes on the new smartphones as compared to the older versions.

Also, if you have low budget, you will do yourself a favour to get any of the phone on installments.

Likewise, you can go for iPhone 12 instead of any of the new ones after considering our options above.

Similarly, you can get either the normal version or the mini instead of the pro pr pro max if you don’t’ do much graphics.

Ultimately, the ball is in your court.

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