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Japa Series: How To Apply And Win N10m UK Chevening Scholarship

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Are you a Nigerian student who wants to Japa (move abroad) but has no financial means of doing so? Is all you hope for to facilitate your Japa only a scholarship? Also, you don’t know which scholarship opportunity to apply for and how to apply and win? Well, this report about Japa Series: How To Apply And Win N10m UK Chevening Scholarship is just the right thing for you. Just keep reading to know how to apply and win N10m UK Chevening Scholarship while here in Nigeria.

It is important to first note that winning a scholarship, especially a Chevening Scholarship, is not easy. In fact, claims are that Nigerians especially have a limited chances of winning the N10m UK Chevening scholarship all because they mostly don’t know how to apply.

However, this is not to say that many Nigerians don’t win this N10m UK Chevening scholarship.

In fact, out of the 1500 students that won the Chevening scholarship in the 2021/2022 phase, 50 were Nigerians! So, you too can be one of the Nigerians who can win this scholarship.

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Nevertheless, winning the N10m UK Chevening scholarship is not easy.

Therefore, this report will show you just how to win the N10m UK Chevening scholarship.

What Is This N10m UK Chevening Scholarship:

The UK Chevening Scholarship is a scholarship by the United Kingdom (UK) government that is open to Nigerian and other countries’ citizens who want to study in the UK to apply.

It is one of the many scholarship opportunities available to students out there, especially those coming from less financially-comfortable homes.

The UK government established and funds the Chevening Scholarship since 1982. The UK government funds the programme through the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and other partner organisations.

Students from about 160 countries who show uncommon leadership potential stand the chance to apply and win.

Since the programme started, more than 50,000 students from different countries have benefitted from it.

The amount to win varies but as of 2021, the award amount is £22,000 (about N10.9 million).

It is no news that inflation and poverty in Nigeria have continued to affect many Nigerians. Also, Nigerian universities are always having disruptions of the academic calendar due to frequent and prolong strike by academic unions that send both varsity teachers and students out of school for many months, even years.

Consequently, a Nigerian student that enters the university for a between four-year and six-years  courses ends up taking from five to 10 years studying such course due to frequent strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU.

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However, students who go abroad to study same courses under more conducive environment get to conclude their study on time, hence, many Nigerian students are activating their japa to go study abroad.

The challenge to this, however, is that the economic hardship in the country makes many Nigerians who want to japa and study abroad not to have the means.

Those who have even discovered scholarships like the N10m UK Chevening Scholarship often fail to win the scholarship because they don’t know how to apply.

This Japa series, therefore, tries to teach students how to apply and win N10m UK Chevening scholarship.

By following these tips, you as a Nigerian student can apply and win this scholarship.

Note that application for the 2022 batch has begun. It started

According to Chevening web portal, its scholarship go to students in any field of study.

“Chevening Scholars study subjects in almost any field, and go on to implement their ideas for positive change in a range of sectors.”

The UK government lists Nigeria as one of the countries whose students can apply for the N10m UK Chevening Scholarship.

So, here are our tips on how to apply and win this scholarship:

Tip 1: Start Applying to Chevening partner universities on Time:

As a Nigerian student who wants to pursue a Masters programme in the UK through the N10m UK Chevening Scholarship, early application is key.

The 2022 phase opened since August 2, 2022 and will close in November, 2022.
Therefore, applying to get admission from Chevening partner universities very early will give you more chances at winning.

Why should you apply early? The N10m UK Chevening scholarship receives millions of entries from over 150 countries.

It would have to address these entries. The later your entry comes, the less chances your application will get needed attention.

Also, getting admission in universities abroad is not always express. Some may come weeks or months after the window for applying for the N10m UK Chevening Scholarship had closed.

There are specific universities who are partners with the scholarship programme. Your admission must be from any of the partner universities.

Check here to see the specific partner universities.

Note that you must apply for three different courses, and your chosen programs must be full-time, not part-time!

One of the universities must offer you an unconditional admission before you can qualify to apply for the N10m UK Chevening Scholarship.

So, you may want to ensure that you cross that T and dot your ‘I’ before the application window closes.

You can apply for the N10m UK Chevening scholarship by clicking on this sentence.

Tip 2: Assemble your documents complete and commence application:

The second step is to ensure that you assemble all documents necessary for application.

Have you gotten your unconditional admission offer from any partner university?

But what documents do you need to assemble? What important documents?

Here are 5 very important documents you must have for your japa to be a succes:

A: International Passport:

You must have your international passport before your japa to the UK or any other country can be successful.

Without this travel document, no country will allow you in.

ensure that you obtain your International Passport from the Nigerian Immigration Service.

It will cost you about N26, 000 to get your International Passport.

How do you apply for your International Passport?

Steps to get your passport:

1. Visit the Home page of the Nigeria Immigration Portal Select a passport type “Standard e-Passport” OR “Official e-Passport”
2. Select the booklet type (32, 64)
3. Fill the Application form.
4. After filling it, click on ‘Submit Application’ button to view ‘Applicant details page’
5. Ensure you put in your correct NIN number
6. Choose the available date for capturing at the immigration office
7. Click on “Proceed to Online Payment”
8. Click to select Payment Currency “Pay in Naira” or “Pay in Dollars” options
9. Click on ‘Continue’ button

Visit any Immigration nearest to you for that is where you might go for electronic capturing.

you will also submit your file with the documents listed below and get an enrolment number for collecting your passport in 2-3 weeks after application.

Then that’s it:

Meanwhile, remember that for your application, you would need some documents.

Documents you need to apply for International Passport:

You will need the following documents to apply for your international passport.

1. Local Government letter of identification.
2. Birth certificate / age declaration.
3. Two recent colour passport photographs, usually with white background
4. Guarantor’s form sworn to before a commissioner of Oaths / Magistrate / High Court Judge
5. Parents’ letter of consent for minors under 16 years
6. Marriage certificate if you are married or where applicable
7. Police report incase of lost passport

Meanwhile, according to the Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, you should start your application early enough.

“Our system makes room for six weeks for fresh application and three weeks for renewal. This is to enable the NIS to investigate and verify claims by the applicants.

“It is advisable for travellers in need of passport to begin the application process early, factoring our timeline.

“The six weeks maximum is reasonable and among the shortest application time in the world.

“Promising an applicant an express service, therefore, is a scam. It is bound to end in disappointment, and for most part, it does.

“I will appeal, therefore, to applicants to follow the path we provide through the online portal.

“That is the only reliable and assuring path to procuring a Nigerian passport.

“If you pay money to any Immigration staff, you can be arrested and charged for bribery and inducement.”

Further on, let’s continue with the very important documents you need for your japa to be a success.

B: Reference Letters:

For your japa into any university in the UK, you will need to get a reference letter from the head or senior lecturer in the University’s department you graduated from.
It could be from your Head of Department (H.O.D).

The letter will state that you are of good behaviour both morally and academically. It should also say that you are a graduate of the institution and are qualified to be given such admission.

Another reference letter is from your boss at the place you are working, if applicable. Your boss from where you are a staff will write one reference letter for you, stating how resourceful and of good character you are to the company.

c: Academic Transcript:

Your academic transcript contains your performance in all the courses you took from your first year in the university to your graduation. It also contains what CGPA you graduated with, the department and what honours you graduated with.

You will need the transcript of your academic years for your japa levels. To apply for any university in the UK or abroad and qualify for the N10m UK Chevening Scholarship, you need your transcript.

Where and how to get yours? Visit or write your school where you graduated and request for it.

You must note that some schools may not send your transcript to you directly but will send it straight to the foreign university you are seeking admission.

Others may give.

Meanwhile, most foreign schools also prefer that the university you graduated from send them your transcript.

However, having a copy for yourself is crucial since it will help speed up your application. This is because, sometimes, the school you graduated from may delay sending or responding to your transcript request.

In order to avoid missing out of getting admission in UK due to delays in transcript, try and get one handy for any day or time you want to apply. You can use the copy you have to apply and have your school officially send to the foreign university later.

D: Statement of purpose:

This is another document you must submit before a foreign university will grant you admission.

It is an essay you write, which states why you think you are qualified to get admission in the foreign university.

Also, it tells what your intentions for seeking admission in the foreign university are. You will need to write specific number of words which is usually between 1000 to 2200 words.

E: University and other Certificates:

If you want your japa through academic to be a success, then you must have your university certificates.

You will submit copies of these certificates to the foreign varsity.

UK varsities will ask for the original of your academic certificates such as Degree certificates, WAEC or other professional certificates.

The school can also ask you of other documents such as police character report, medical report and employment letters.

F: IELTS/TOEFL/other tests of English:

If you are not a citizen of any English speaking country or if English is not the official language of learning in your country, then you must write any of these exams.

Most UK or other foreign universities will require that you provide any proof of test of English like the English Language Testing System (IELTS) the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or others.

In Nigeria, there are many centres where you can register and seat for any of these tests of English.

You must obtain a certain band score without which you cannot use it to apply.

However, there are some universities that do not require you have these.

It is rather unfortunate that English is the official language for learning in Nigeria yet Nigerians must write test of English exams to apply for japa.

Nigeria’s government needs to look into how to reach agreement with foreign countries to exempt Nigerians from writing tests of English.

Now that we have digested the documents you must have, let us continue with the other steps to successfully applying and winning N10m UK Chevening Scholarship.

Step 3: Writing your Essay very well:

This is one of the most important aspect to a successful japa and getting admission in the UK and other countries.

There are four major essays that address networking, leadership, studying in the UK, and long-term career goals. You must answer them correctly and convincingly if your japa and gettinng N10m UK Chevening scholarship will be a success.

Articulate thoroughly your long-term career plan in your essay in a more convincing way. Failure to do this and your japa levels take you nowhere outside Nigeria.

Step 4: Do you have work experience? If you do, then you stand better chance:

You stand a better chance of getting admission abroad, winning the N10m UK Chevening scholarship and having a successful japa if you have work experience here in Nigeria.

Also, you should have at least 2 years work experience with a company here in Nigeria that is equivalent of 2, 800 hours.

Step 5: Proceed to Chevening website and apply.

If you have assembled and arranged all these requirements, then head to the Chevening portal to apply.

Steps to apply for N10m UK Chevening scholarship:

1. Go to https://www.chevening.org and create an account.
2. click on “apply”,
3. Fill out the application form.
4. Use a functional Email.
5. Always check your mail to know if you were selected.
6. You will get a mail notifying you if you were selected.
7. If you are selected, you will be contacted by mail for the next phase.


Remember that we shall be bringing you several other reports about Japa to any country and what you need to know.

Also, check out our other contents about the in-demand skills in various countries like US, Canada, Germany, etc.

Always check out our Japa series category on the website to get more contents like this.

Meanwhile, we believe that this very one taught you a lot about how to apply and win
N10m Chevening scholarship as well as the document you need.

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