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Kuda Bank Customers’ Accounts Now Reading Zero

Kuda Bank Customers' Accounts Now Reading Zero
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Kuda bank customers are currently in fear following the realisation that their account balances have suddenly become ‘zero.’

What is happening? This report tells you just that as well as what Kuda bank is doing about it.

What happened?

The neo-bank’s customers took to Twitter to express disappointments over how their accounts suddenly started reading zero naira.

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Meanwhile, while some could see their account balances reading zero, others could not see their account balances.

This raised fears among the customers who took to Twitter to express their concerns.

Meanwhile, Kuda has reacted to the complaints. In a response tweet, the bank assured its customers that it is fixing the problem.

Kuda acknowledged the problem and said it is working on it.

“We know how inconvenient the app downtime is and we’re very sorry about it. We’re still working on a fix but your money is safe.

“We’ll make sure things are back to normal as soon as possible,” the bank said.


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