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Listen To Tunes Created By Google’s New AI Tool, MusicLM

Listen To Tunes Created By Google's New AI Tool, MusicLM
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Listen below, to some of the tunes created by Google’s new AI tool for music, Google MusicLM.

The technology giant launched its own AI tool, MusicLM to battle it out with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has garnered wide users, getting over 10 million daily users in just 40 days.

The AI chatbot has proven to be useful as users can use it to do almost anything.

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From writing songs, solving mathematical equations to writing exams and designing, the OpenAI’s chatbot really put up a strong edge which Google decided to battle.

Consequently, Google has also launched its AI tool, MusicLM that helps users generate musical notes from text.

Google’s research team who developed the music tool said it is important for the company to make its presence formidable in the AI industry.

Uses of MusicLM:

According to the Google team, users can use the AI tool to “turn text input into seconds, and even minutes-long music, as well as turn, hummed melodies into other instruments.”

“The audio is generated by providing a sequence of text prompts.

“These influence how the model continues the semantic tokens derived from the previous caption.”

The tech giant said users can now make music using the tool.

How Google MusicLM works:

The AI tool can generate entire songs based on a user-written text description.

According to the engineers at Google, some of the tunes the AI has created include “funky piece with strong, danceable beat.”

Other are that absolute hit track, “a choir, singing a Gregorian chant, and a drum machine, creating a rhythmic beat.”

“Our experiments show that MusicLM outperforms previous systems both in audio quality and adherence to the text description.”

Listen to the tunes from here.

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