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10 Use Cases Of OpenAI’s ChatGPT

10 Uses Of OpenAI's ChatGPT
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Do you know much about OpenAI’s ChatGPT? Even if you’ve heard or tried to use it, do you know all the cool stuffs you can do with it?

Of course, it is a language processing tool that has gained very wide usage as it can help you do so many things. But what are those uses?

So, with the wide usage of the trending artificial intelligence tool,  it would be nice to know about 10 uses of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

So, what exactly is ChatGPT and how can you use it?

ChatGPT is a chatbot by OpenAI. It is a generative artificial intelligence application that can do many things.

It is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 family of large language models.

See our report on ‘Everything You Need To Know About ChatGPT‘ to get the full understanding of the chatbot everyone is talking about.

Although there are many use cases of the chatbot, lets look at at least, 10 Uses Of OpenAI’s ChatGPT:

Here are more specific use cases.

  1. You can use ChatGPT as Linux Terminal:
  2. Help you write computer program codes
  3. Help you debug your code.
  4. Like Google, it helps in learning new things.
  5. Get design ideas for creatives.
  6. For academics: it can help you with answers to homework, etc.
  7. Help you write music scripts.
  8. ChatGPT can translate writings in other languages for you.
  9. Extract data from text and analyse it.
  10. Gaming/entertainment.

ChatGPT as Linus Terminal:

The chatbot can serve as a terminal for programmers to program things they want.

As a programmer, you can write computer programme codes such as creating directories and files.

With OpenAI’s ChatGPT, serving as terminal for you, you can execute the codes you write within it.

Also, you can equally use Linux commands while doing this.

Writing codes:

The chatbot can help you write computer program codes. This is especially useful if you are stuck or are a novice in programming.

It can write a program code for you in just minutes!

What makes it even more cool is that you can instruct it to write the codes in specific programming language and boom! it’d do it.

So, even if you don’t know Python or C language for instance, it can write your code in such language if you want.

Debugging Your Code:

ChatGPT can help debug your code for errors.

So, you may have written your beautiful code but don’t know what vulnerabilities your code has.

ChatGPT will be a useful buddy as it can help you debug your code so that you can fix any vulnerability therein.

The chatbot not only detects and explains a bug in your code but also offers examples and solutions to it.

Isn’t that great a tool? Yeah, it is.

Alternative to Google in learning things:

ChatGPT can function as an alternative to Google Search engine. The Chatbot can help you learn anything.

What even makes it also cooler is that it gives you examples and proper explanations.

The chatbot can explain things to you in a layman’s terms or even as if you are a child.

Similarly, you can ask it to explain things to you as if you are from the 60s or a Gen Z.

So, if Google is proving boring to you and you want to learn about anything, just ask ChatGPT.


Solve Academic/School Assignments:

The chatbot can help students solve academic assignments like mathematical equations. It can also answer exam questions like in MBA and for medical students.

So, the chatbot can help you do your assignments and provide answers to difficult academic problems.

For those who are preparing for IELTS or other language tests, ChatGPT can help them prepare for it.


Get Ideas for creatives:

ChatGPT can help creatives get new and interesting idea for their designs.

For instance, a graphics designer working on a brief can ask the chatbot to give him the creative idea for the brief and boom! You have it.

You can ask it to suggest themes, titles, quotes, colour type, etc for your mockup. You can also ask the chatbot to give you theme ideas for an event or a magazine cover.

Write Music/Songs:

If you are a musician, you can use ChatGPT to write your songs. Imagine coming  up with a full album in just few hours!

The chatbot can write songs or music scripts for you in munities.

Tell it to write a song in any language and any genre and it will do it.

What also makes it more remarkable  is that it can also provide you with the chords for the song.


Language Translation:

Are you a foreign student in a country speaking foreign language?

Or you are an employee in a company where the language is different from what you understand?

Well, you can use ChatGPT. The chatbot can translate text from any language into the one you prefer.

Although alternatives like Google Translate and Apple Translate are there, this chatbot offers even more opportunities.

Just try it out.

Data Extraction :

The chatbot can also extract data from a group of text you instruct it to. For instance, you can ask it to get you the demography of every student in a university.

Also, you can ask it to get you a graph of all income from a specific transaction and it will do it.

Just feed it the data to work with.



So, now we have shown you some use cases for OpenAI‘s ChatGPT.

You also see that it brings endless opportunities that cut across education, business, health, design, etc.

Although you can do these manually, using a helping hand from the chatbot may not be bad at all.

In fact, it could save you time and energy while at the same time, help you solve problems in no time.

Try it on any of the listed use cases.

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