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Learntor and Women in Agile (WiA) Partners To Upskill Women In Tech

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Two Africa platforms, Learntor and Women in Agile (WiA), have partnered to organise a conference for women.

The conference exposes women in technology to the opportunities and skills available in the space.

Also, the aim is to help bridge the digital gap, especially amongst women and support the upcoming generation to leverage the opportunities.

The conference is from the 27th to the 29th of January, 2022.

It would involve about 85 speakers from 18 different parts of the country.

And they would be speaking on the theme “Uniting and Transforming Africa Across Agile”.

It is no news that technology is the future.

And the advancement taking place means more opportunities for people, including women.

Also, there has been a whole new trend of skills necessary to leverage all these opportunities.

Hence, a program like this is being organised.

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The founder of Learntor and WIA Africa convener, Mercy George-Igbafe, says there are opportunities, but people don’t have the skill for them.

“We have challenges of people who are not skilled enough for the job even now that the UK government has opened up their borders and the kind of jobs they are recruiting for are people that have tech skills.

So if you are not tech-savvy, you already have a challenge before you.”, she said.

Amongst the speakers at the event is Bisi Alimi.

She gives more light to the subject of technology and its massive contribution to society.

Also, she says with the change in the world, there is a demand for technological skills.

“A lot of us are engaging with technologies that we don’t use four, five years ago but now, with technology, something keeps on changing every year that was not available five years ago. “, she adds.

Technology keeps progressing, and if people do not have the skill for it, they can’t fit in.

And this “means we will be playing catch up with the world as it is now in Africa.”

“A lot of Africans are still not digitally savvy and rules are springing up and it’s massive, not because we are not intelligent or smart, but because we are not equipped with the skills that will match the requirement that will meet the available job,”, she adds.

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