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MTN Offers Free Calls, Text Messages To And From Ukraine

MTN invest $1b dollars in Ghana,, 5G network, MTN Offers Free Calls, Text Messages To And From Ukraine

MTN has said that all customers can now make and receive free calls and text messages to their children or people in Ukraine.

The telecom cum technology company said it has made free all international calls and text messages coming or going into Ukraine.

It said this is a way of supporting its customers to remain in touch with their loved ones who are trapped in Ukraine.

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Recall that some Nigerians are currently stuck in Ukraine despite the war going on there.

Russia had launched a military operation in Ukraine to prevent the country from joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO.

However, Ukraine has vehemently resisted this invasion, which has resulted to full blown war.

Meanwhile, many foreign students, including Nigerians, have not been able to flee Ukraine despite the continuous bombing of the country by Russia.

Also, while some other countries have evacuated their citizens out of Ukraine, Nigeria has not been able to do so.

Furthermore, Africans, including Nigerians who managed to flee from the war-torn areas have met with racist treatments at points of entry into neighbouring countries to Ukraine like Poland.

Meanwhile, Nigerians whose children are studying in Ukraine and who are stuck there following the war need to keep in touch with their wards.

Consequently, MTN has said it is offering 30 free international voice calls and 50 text messages to and from Ukraine to all its existing prepaid and postpaid customers.

The company made this known in a statement on Thursday.

According to MTN, it has also eliminated associated international direct dialling (IDD) costs due to high international telecommunication regulations (ITR) to Ukraine.

Chief Executive Officer of MTN Nigeria, Karl Toriola, revealed this to newsmen.

According to her, the company values the comfort of its customers very highly.

“As a result, we have stepped in with support to ensure that our customers, both at home and in Ukraine, are still able to connect with family and friends,” Toriola said.

“All of our customers will benefit from the waived SMS and voice call fees to and from Ukraine. This blanket waiver has been put in place as an immediate response to the need.”

MTN said this free calls and text messages will last till the end of this month.

According to them, the offer will be valid all through March, and customers will be able to check minutes/SMS allocated, volume used, balance and expiry date.

Furthermore, unused complimentary minutes will expire on 31st March or any earlier date as advised across all phone numbers and will not rollover.

MTN said it has also anticipated concerns about connection issues and has implemented surefire measures to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

“We’ve worked closely with our industry body GSMA to make the connection easier.

“Whilst MTN does not have operations in Ukraine, we have heeded the call to remain responsive to our customers in their time of need.” the statement adds.

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