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MTN Creates Portal For NIN, SIM Card Linking

MTN has created a new portal
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Mobile Telecommunication Company, MTN has responded swiftly to directives from the Nigerian Communications Communication (NCC).

Earlier this week, the NCC issued an order to all network providers operating within the country.

On Thursday, the network provider created a new portal on its official page. Via the portal, subscribers can link their NINs to their SIM registration data.

All concerned parties were asked to prompt their customers to link their NINs to their SIMs. 

In light of this, subscribers were given a two-week ultimatum to complete the NIM sync.

The announcement met with negative remarks from disgruntled subscribers who thought the deadline to be unrealistic.

Many Nigerians called the directive “an unnecessary one.”

Besides, one primary concern among subscribers was the odds of having large gatherings in service centres.

However, this became a major concern because of recent news on rising COVID- 19 cases.

Thankfully, MTN’s approach will help Nigerians to avoid this dreaded gathering.  

As a result, MTN currently has a one-page form on its portal dedicated to the ongoing NIN linkage.

Part of the required details on the form is the subscribers’ phone number and NIN number. 

Subscribers will have to revalidate their entries

According to MTN’s note on the portal, NINs received will be regarded as unverified.

After NINs’ submission through the form, the MTN team will need to run it through the NIMC database for verification.

Hence, users might need to check back to revalidate their information.

According to the note on the portal, the revalidation process will likely take place in-person.

Reps beg for time

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives called on the Federal Government to extend the deadline by 10 weeks.

Speaking on the floor of the House, the minority leader, Ndudi Elumelu, described the timing as “wrong.”

He said, “the timing is very wrong because Nigerians have not been properly sensitized.

“Trying to enforce this policy in a period where most Nigerians are gearing up for Christmas festivities may lead to stampede in the process.”

According to him,  if NCC is not called to halt the directive, it might lead to another unrest in the country.

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