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MTN Foundation ICT and Business Skills Training Phase 6, Session 2: Advancing Digital Entrepreneurship

A visionary at the MTN Foundation ICT training utilizes a device projecting a holographic phone screen, illustrating the innovative digital skills imparted during the training.

Following the success of the initial session of the MTN Foundation’s ICT and Business Skills Training Phase 6, the eagerly anticipated second session took place on September 28, 2023. This session aimed to build upon the foundational knowledge imparted earlier, offering participants a more comprehensive understanding of digital advertising and its pivotal role in modern entrepreneurship.

The Strategic Importance of Digital Advertising

The session began by emphasizing the strategic importance of digital advertising in today’s fast-paced business world. Participants were encouraged to:

  • Reflect on the timing and purpose of their ads.
  • Align their advertising campaigns with broader business objectives, ensuring that every ad serves a clear, strategic purpose.

Advanced Mastery of the Ads Manager

The Ads Manager, a cornerstone tool for digital advertising, was explored in greater depth during the Phase 6 of the MTN Foundation’s ICT and Business Skills:

  • Participants learned about advanced features and functionalities, enabling them to tailor their ad campaigns more effectively.
  • Techniques for audience segmentation were discussed, allowing advertisers to target specific demographics with pinpoint accuracy.
  • The session also covered the integration of the Ads Manager with other platforms, such as Instagram and Messenger, to create cohesive cross-platform campaigns.

In-depth Customer Profiling

Understanding one’s audience is key to effective advertising. The session delved into:

  • Advanced techniques for audience segmentation and profiling.
  • The use of analytics tools to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences.
  • Case studies illustrating successful customer profiling in various industries, with a spotlight on the restaurant sector.

Budgeting: Beyond the Basics

Budgeting is more than just numbers; it’s about strategy. The session covered:

  • Advanced budgeting techniques, including predictive analytics to forecast ad performance.
  • The pros and cons of different budgeting models, such as lifetime vs. daily budgets.
  • Real-world case studies illustrating successful budgeting strategies in action.

Crafting Ads that Truly Engage

Creating an ad is one thing; creating an ad that resonates is another. Participants learned:

  • Advanced design principles for crafting visually stunning ads.
  • The psychology behind effective ad copywriting.
  • Techniques for A/B testing ads to determine which versions resonate most with audiences.

Feedback and Forward Momentum

The session concluded with an interactive feedback segment, where participants shared their experiences, challenges, and learnings. Many expressed appreciation for the hands-on, practical approach of the training.

The second session of Phase 6 of the MTN Foundation’s ICT and Business Skills Training marked another milestone in the foundation’s commitment to fostering the next generation of digital entrepreneurs. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like these ensure that young entrepreneurs are not just keeping pace but are poised to lead the way.

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