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MTN Foundation ICT and Business Skills Training Phase 6: Igniting the Digital Spark in Young Entrepreneurs

A visionary at the MTN Foundation ICT training utilizes a device projecting a holographic phone screen, illustrating the innovative digital skills imparted during the training.

A visionary at the MTN Foundation ICT training utilizes a device projecting a holographic phone screen, illustrating the innovative digital skills imparted during the training.

In the modern age, a digital revolution is redefining the way we conduct business. Recognizing the pivotal role of digital literacy in fostering successful entrepreneurship, the MTN Foundation took a monumental step with the MTN Foundation ICT and Business Skills initiative. Now in its sixth phase, the close-out seminar marked the culmination of a transformative 5-week journey, an enlightening period poised to foster digitally savvy leaders of tomorrow.

A Pioneering Mission

The foundation embarked on an ambitious mission to nurture a generation of entrepreneurs proficient in harnessing the power of digital tools for business growth. Key to this was imparting knowledge on leveraging Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in entrepreneurship, and a deep understanding of Generative AI skills, a next-generation technology steering the digital shift.

Program Structure: A Combination of Knowledge and Practical Skills

An engaging, well-structured 5-week online program served as the backbone of the seminar, delivered seamlessly through the Microsoft Community Training (MCT) Portal. A digital classroom that facilitated enriching interactions between the industry experts and the trainees, promising a learning journey both rich and fulfilling, backed with a substantial Equipment Grant for the top 300 performers, aimed to boost the entrepreneurial spirit with a hefty N90,000,000 investment.

Partnership with Industry Giants

With the collaboration of industry giant Microsoft, the seminar promised a rich diversity of insights, offering participants a rare opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

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In-Depth Learning Modules

The MCT Portal hosted an array of meticulously crafted learning modules, designed to offer comprehensive insights and practical skills in the following key areas:

Productivity Tools and Basic Digital Skills: Offering a primer on essential digital tools and productivity enhancers, this module facilitated both self-paced learning and trainer-led sessions, setting the foundation for digital proficiency.

Entrepreneurial Skills: A deep dive into the business landscape, nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship through a focused, self-paced learning module.

Project Management: Teaching the fine art of overseeing projects from inception to completion, instilling vital project management skills in the participants.

Administrative Professional; Career Essentials: Guiding participants through the trajectory of building a successful administrative career, focusing on core professional skills.

Basics of Frontend Web Development: Opening doors to the world of web development, this module offered a fundamental understanding of creating visually appealing and functional websites.

Branding, Digital Tools, and Online Business Strategies

A critical part of the seminar was dedicated to the crucial subjects of branding, the utilization of digital tools, and strategies to foster a successful online business. Participants were enlightened on:

Branding: Understanding the power of branding in carving a niche in the competitive market and fostering a loyal customer base.

Digital Tools: A comprehensive look at the various digital tools available to enhance business operations, promoting efficiency and productivity.

Online Business Strategies: Offering insights into the dynamic world of online business, this segment aimed to equip young entrepreneurs with strategies to thrive in the online marketplace.

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Participant Testimonials From the MTN Foundation ICT and Business Skills Training.

The seminar left an indelible mark on the participants, with many sharing their enriched experiences:

Abubakar Ibrahim (Graphics Designer): Abubakar echoed the sentiments of many participants, emphasizing the marked improvement in his technical proficiency and professionalism.

Bennett Nathan (Web Designer): Bennett felt empowered with the knowledge to design high-quality websites, praising the quality of training received.

Ifeoma (Graphic Design): Ifeoma found value in the assignments given during the training, which helped her understand the modern diverse state of technology.

Quotes that Resonated at the MTN Foundation ICT and Business Skills Training.

The seminar also bestowed participants with peaof wisdom, emphasizing the importance of information, technology, and communication in this digital age, instilling in them the belief that technology is indeed best when it brings people together.

Stepping into a Digitally Empowered Future

As the sixth phase of the MTN Foundation ICT and Business Skills Training winds down, it heralds the beginning of a new journey for the young entrepreneurs. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a robust set of digital skills, they are now prepared to carve out their niche in the digital landscape, fostered with a spirit of unity and propelled by the life wire of communication, the cornerstone of any successful organization in this modern age.

Are you inspired by the transformative journey these young entrepreneurs embarked upon? Share your thoughts in the comments below and spread the word to empower more youths with digital skills

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