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Spotify To Help 50 Million Creators Make Money – CEO Daniel Ek

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Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, in a statement, said the company would help more audio creators earn on the platform.

Also, he discusses how the platform is one of the free speech platforms.

This came about after Spotify’s backlash with its star podcaster, Joe Rogan.

The platform’s star podcaster had been promoting misinformation, says Spotify.

And this led to him leaving the platform alongside multiples of co audio creators.

Addressing the issue, CEO Daniel EK says that the platform is trying to find a balance between creativity and the effect on the audience.

“We’re trying to balance creative expression with the safety of our users, and of course, this is a very complicated issue,”

Also, he pointed out that Spotify had committed to always serving the truth in the content it presented.

An example is when the company promised to roll out a Covid-19 disclaimer on episodes on its platform that spoke about the virus.

The streaming platform had also put in place policies that would help in the moderation of content.

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The company hopes to reach about 50 million of its creators and create more avenues to make money.

It would be investing in tools, materials, services and resources that would help cater for them.

In addition to what the company is doing for creators, it has something for everyone, including those advertising on the platform.

Spotify says that advertising is becoming a big revenue for the company.

In the last quarter, Spotify recorded a 15% revenue.

And this would make the company experiment more with content windowing for the platform to reach more people.

Implication for you reading

If you are a creator of Spotify or think of being one, this is definitely an exciting one for you.

With the new updates and transformations going on the platform, you would be able to make more revenue through the platform.

Spotify is planning to make its platform the best place for you.

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