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Techuncode, iCreate Africa Partner On Skills Festival

iCreate Africa, Techuncode Partners On Skills Festival
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One of Africa’s largest hubs for skills development, iCreate Africa has partnered with yours beloved and most read tech news platform, Techuncode to host the 5th edition of the iCreate Skills Festival.

Billed to hold at the International Conference Center, Abuja on the 4th – 6th of April 2022, the festival will proffer practical solutions to challenges facing the skills workforce.

iCreate Skills Fest beams its focus on artisans and skills in areas such as plumbing, painting and carpentry.

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It also provides skills and trainings to young people in the areas of welding, tiling and pop installations.

Young people can equally get professional trainings on bricklaying and electrical installation while also having links to employers of these skills.

Other benefits to get from attending the iCreate Skills Fest includes the following:

It promotes a system of decent wages for artisans, especially in the construction industry.

Visit here to register for the festival….

Why the iCreate Festival?

With its pillars of development, iCreate presents platform to birth new ideas and teach new skills.

It also serves as a skills training center to provide in-demand skills training to youths.

iCreate also forms as an innovation hub To attract inspirational industry leaders to teach, train and mentor.

The festival also focuses on driving talent development and skills acquisition through training programs.

There have been a wrong perception especially about careers involving technical skills.

Also, very less regard is paid to providers of such skills like artisans who major in areas like carpentry, bricklaying and welding.

However, the skills of such people cannot be overemphasised.

Great cities are built by the skills of artisans! No great city or building would be standing today if not for the contributions of the skills workforce.

Therefore, the iCreate Fest will highlight these skills as well as spur confidence, experimentation, and growth among young users.

It will also assemble inspirational industry leaders to teach, train and mentor.

Similarly, Techuncode which has now partnered iCreate Africa is for simplifying technology and breaking the wrong notion about tech being too “techy” for the African people.

Therefore, joining forces, iCreate and Techuncode partner to un-code skills and “address the societal perception affecting youth participation in technical skills.”

The festival, therefore, aims at “rebranding technical skills, uplifting the profiles of skilled professionals and projecting skills in the mainstream.”

More about Techuncode:

Techuncode, formerly AskIfa, is an independent online media that has come to solve the negative perception of Africans and Technology.

The notion that Africans consume technology rather than invent them is a blight on the continent.

Poor communication to tell the African tech stories by Africans and in more relatable ways further aggravates the issue.

Techuncode, therefore, takes up the gauntlet “to light up the path leading to a technological revolution for a continent hungry for possibilities.”

Techuncode sees technology through the lens of SIMPLICITY by communicating everything about technology in such a SIMPLIFIED, interesting, fun, and relatable way.

More about iCreate:

Similarly, since launching in 2016, iCreate Africa has been focusing on Skill management and implementation through global cooperation and partners.

It “prioritizes technical skills as a global currency and a tool that empowers citizens to create sustainable and inclusive economies.”

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