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Techuncode Partners Hub One, Wellvis To Host A Conversation On The Future Of Healthcare Ahead Of EHINGBETI 2021

In preparation for the Lagos State Economic Summit- EHINGBETI, the state government is teaming up with a digital tech media platform known as Techuncode and a number of hubs in the state to host conversations in smaller communities around issues relating to the #ForAGreaterLagos agenda.

Having niche conversations within small communities creates another opportunity for the government to interface with citizens and get solid feedback and opinions on pressing issues.  These recommendations can form a critical aspect of the government’s response to those issues in time. Hence, the importance of this program.

In order to ensure that interested parties can participate and lend their voices to the discourse, the program has been split into series and distributed among 8 different hubs in Lagos. Interested parties can join the discussion in any of the hubs.  

Among other hubs, HUB ONE featuring Wellvis – an on-demand health information and service platform – will be hosting a conversation themed “Shaping the future of health, healthcare and wellness”. 

The pandemic has proven that health threats can have serious crippling effects on the economy. This reflects the need to have this conversation and map out a plan for reinforcing the health sector within Lagos State.

Keynote speakers at the event include Dr Wale Adeosun (CEO, Wellvis), Josh Okpata (Venture Partner, MEST Africa), Adaorah Momodu (Co-founder and COO, Oncopadi), and Emmanuel Osinaike (Physiotherapist, NOHIL).

These speakers boast of vast experience in their respective fields and are more than willing to treat the subject matter comprehensively.

Attendance for the discussion is open to all without any cost attached. However, interested parties must first reserve their seats at the event online. 

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This will help to ensure crowd management at the program as a precaution against COVID 19 spread. You can register using this link or by visiting bit.ly/ehingbetitechhubs.

Commenting on the upcoming hub discussion, Techuncode General Manager Arinola  Gelor said, “We believe that every tech community has a significant role to play in the state’s reform.  This is why we have decided to co-host this event with selected tech hubs within Lagos State. ” 

 “Our goal is to come out of each discourse with specific and realistic recommendations that’d aid investment in technology within Lagos State and ultimately promote the #ForAGreaterLagos agenda,” she added. 

With Ehingbeti only a few days away, this event will help to warm up attendees for the all-inclusive summit. This year, EHINGBETI will be held as a virtual event. Hence, viewers can participate from the comfort of their homes.

Pre-registration is a vital recommendation for participating in the virtual economic summit. You can register for EHINGBETI through this link.  Or, simply visit www.ehingbetisummit.com

About Hub One

Hub One is a registered trademark of FCMB positioned to accommodate and support a community of tech innovators. Hub One provides a conducive co-working space designed to foster collaboration and drive creativity within Nigeria’s tech start-up ecosystem. It is currently managed by LeadSpace by Passion Incubator

About Wellvis

Wellvis is an on-demand health information and service platform that provides health advice, health information, and care support via a peer-to-peer model moderated by verified health practitioners. The health tech start-up offers users personalized access to health services in a short time through the use of cutting-edge technology.

About Ehingbeti

The Lagos state economic summit –EHINGBETI was first held in the year 2000. The summit started as an annual event but soon evolved to a biennial event as a way of creating more time for the implementation of policies and achievement of resolutions made at the summit.

Since its inception, the summit has led to 210 resolutions, 199 of which have been resolved.

EHINGBETI allows for convergence between members of both the private and public sectors and allows both parties to have conversations that can drive socio-economic and infrastructural development within Lagos State.

For more information, kindly visit www.ehingbetisummit.com

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