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Tiktok Appears To Be The Hottest Growing App Of 2020



So far, 2020 has been a year of strife, uncertainty and grief. A worldwide pandemic, high homelessness, and demonstrations nationally have left millions shocked.

There goes TikTok through it all however, offering bursts of levity and new dance crazes, interspersed with more intense comments on the problems the world is currently facing.TikTok instructed moderators to suppress posts by 'ugly' and poor ...TikTok is by far the most downloaded application of the year, so far. TikTok as well as its Chinese equivalents, Douyin, have accrued 800 million monthly active users since their worldwide release somewhere around two years ago, more so than Reddit, Snapchat or Twitter. With an average worth of over $100 billion, its parent company, China-based ByteDance, is the world’s most valuable private tech company.

Yet not all of this is rosy. TikTok is facing a series of legislative obstacles, safety issues and censorship charges, related to its control in China. It’s brought in a new CEO, Kevin Mayer, who used to be head of streaming at Disney in the midst of these struggles. Experts claim it should be Mayer’s highest priority to fix these problems.

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