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Twitter Launches Location Spotlight To Promote Businesses

Location Spotlight

The micro-blogging app, Twitter, has committed itself to promoting professionals on its platform.  It has recently announced the release of its professional feature, Location Spotlight for Professionals. The feature would be available to all professionals worldwide. Professionals include creators, nonprofits, developers, small business owners, and big brands.

The Location Spotlight is to allow businesses or organisations with physical business locations to display their business addresses, operation hours and other important contact information.

This would enable their customers to reach them easier through their phone, text, emails or a DM.

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Meanwhile, Twitter has said that’s not all to the feature.

Now, using the Google Map platform, professionals can add a map to their business location. This would aid the purchasing process for customers by giving them the direction of the business location.

Why is a feature like Location Spotlight Important?

A recent report says that at least 40% of people prefer to use social media instead of Google to find services that they need online.

And so there is a need for business owners to build and have a strengthened public presence on the platform.

A tool like Location Spotlight will help businesses achieve all these by promoting their businesses and making it easy for people to find and patronise their services.

Aside the Location Spotlight, Twitter said it would be releasing more features like professional products and resources.

Some of the features include: Professional Home, More Profile Spotlight, Workshop series, Courses and Webinar.

The Professional Home tool is for professionals who want to improve their presence and performance on Twitter.

Twitter will also launch and test an additional profile spotlight to serve a wider range of professional audiences. This is to enable professionals encourage their potential customers and influence them to take desired action.

To see some of these tools that Twitter said would be available to Professionals, check out the Help Center.


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