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Top Skills To Become An Artificial Intelligence Expert

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If you are looking to make money in the tech industry, then Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the skills to consider learning. However, majoring in AI, there are some essential AI skills you should possess. Without these skills, you cannot function appropriately in the AI industry. In this article, we will discuss some top skills to become an artificial intelligence expert.

First, let’s look at what AI is?

In simple terms, AI uses machines to learn from human experience and perform human tasks through data processing.

It is the science behind creating systems and machines that learn from human experience and emulates it.

Artificial intelligence is gaining ground in our society as many companies and businesses are leveraging it.

Many businesses have now integrated AI into their system to make things simple and faster.

We now have self-driving cars, robots that can help out with services, integrations that enable hand-free like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and other digital personal assistants.

It is seen in our everyday life and even in the landscape of work.

Infact researchers are worried that humans won’t be doing much work in years to come.

With AI, we can now live in a space that makes life so much easier and better.

Looking a bit into its history, American computer scientist John McCarthy coined AI in 1956.

He says, ‘Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it. An attempt will be made to find how to make machines use language, form abstractions, and concepts, solve kinds of problems now reserved for humans, and improve themselves.’

Also, he explains Artificial Intelligence as the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.

It is important to possess good knowledge of the skill to jump on trends in the world.

And for you to do that, there are some essential skills you must possess.

They are the most sort after skills by employers.

We will be discussing some of them below.

Artificial Intelligence

For you to become an Artificial Intelligence expert, you need to have a skill in Artificial intelligence.

Just like we discussed above, it is the science behind machine learning.

In broad terms, it deals with how robots and machines can process, think, learn, and speak like humans by instilling human intelligence.

It is a skill that encompasses many other skills.

Skills like; machine learning, expert systems, data mining or data scientist, and others.

We will be discussing some of these intertwined skills that would make you become an Artificial Intelligence expert and work in the industry.

Machine Learning

Whenever Artificial intelligence is being used, Machine Learning (ML) is also used.

This is to show how important both skills are to the AI industry.

AI uses machines to emulate human experience, while Machine Learning is a learning method of machines learning and recognising experiences from the data gathered.

ML  is the method of training machines and systems to recognise human patterns and perform tasks the way we do.

Also, it is creating a system that can analyse data and learn patterns from the existing data, enabling classification and prediction of similar data.

Data is fed into a machine, and based on its logic, it can determine similar patterns from past data developing the desired output.

And this makes it different from computer programming.

Machine Learning is one of the sought after skills in the AI industry.

Companies are looking to hire experts to build an algorithm for machines to learn from past experiences and data.

Most of the time, this helps companies to build a personalised experience for their users.

Then they can analyse similar patterns from past uses of a product and then predict people’s interests from the patterns.

So if you are gunning to be employed in the industry, you need to have this strong software skill.

And you need to properly train yourself on software tools like Python, Java, R, and Scala.

These tools are essential in a machine learning engineer.

Also, you should be able to utilise natural language processing and predict the best models.

Computer programming and fundamentals

To become an expert in the AI industry, you must have in-depth knowledge of fundamental computer software.

Why is this?

Knowing computer software would help you understand the working structure of the system.

And then, the software would be able to enable the computer to work as a human.

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Robotic Science

This skill involves building robots that can perform tasks like humans with commands from human programming.

Then, how does it relate to AI?

AI involves robots emulating human patterns, and so there has to be an existence of a robot.

It is after the robots exist, other skill sets can begin to function.

Those skilled with robotic scientists ensure that the robots look good, making them function well.

Robots are mechanical devices built by a robotic scientist.

Those that studied mechanical engineering, robotic engineering are people who are already empowered with this skill.

However, it doesn’t matter as you can learn the skill through platforms and courses.

Some skill sets associated with robotic scientist includes writing and manipulating computer programs and others.

You can also collaborate with other specialists to be more knowledgeable about a task.

Data scientist

It involves a person collecting and analysing data through the use of Machine learning.

The interpreted and analysed data is now used to gain insight into human behaviours rather than statistical facts.

However, We should know that this data could involve structured and unstructured data.

How does it relate to AI?

For machines to emulate human behaviour, they need to have learnt about them and then analyse their pattern using ML.

However, when data is analysed, the prediction or output has to be collected, where the data scientist comes in.

There are several platforms used by people with this skill.

It includes Hadoop, Pig, Hive, MapReduce and many others.

Data scientists have expertise in using big data, and they are also fluent in the programming language.

They have in-depth knowledge of programming platforms like Python, SAS and R, SQL (structured query language), and others.

Some other things that qualify you for this skill are having experience with cloud tools like some of Amazon’s tools.

Research Scientist

To enter into the AI industry, you should be knowledgeable about so many other areas involving AI.

A person with research science skills is someone knowledgeable about the different fields in Artificial intelligence.

Then the person applies the knowledge to analysing information, making hypotheses, collecting data, and interpreting results, using practical and theoretical means.

Some of the fields a research scientist can be knowledgeable about includes natural language processing and data representation, machine learning, computational scientist, knowledge of the algorithm and many others.

Those who possess some of the skills above can qualify as research scientists.

Implications for you

If you are looking to start as an Artificial Intelligence expert, you surely know the skill sets.

These skills would guarantee you a position in any industry, that is, adopting AI into their system.

If this article has been helpful to you, share it with us below in the comment section.

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