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Rinki Sethi: Twitter Appoints New Information Security Officer After July’s Breach

Twitter has appointed Rinki Sethi as its new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

This announcement followed the data breach experienced in July.

The goal is probably to earn back its trust with users.

After Mike Convertino, the ex-CISO, the role was left empty for several months.

Twitter came under backlashes during the data breach.

The data breach

Powerful individual accounts were hijacked to spread a cryptocurrency scam.

They hacked Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Barrack Obama and some other influential persons’ accounts.

The hackers broke into Twitter’s backend admin tool and stole over $120,000 Bitcoins.

The action was by voice phishing and social engineering techniques.

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However, the perpetrators did not go scot-free as they were caught not long after.

Although the perpetrators were taken into custody, it took a negative toll on the company.

Not too long, Rinki was appointed as the CISO to fill the void.

Nick Tornow, the platform lead at Twitter, let the cat out of the bag on Tuesday.

He announced through a welcoming tweet that Rinki was going to lead the Infosec team.

The purpose is to ensure security for the customers and to earn the company’s trust.

Who is Rinki?

Twitters new CISO

Source: Facebook

Preceding the new role, Rinki had served in similar positions.

Formerly, she was the Vice President (VP) for information security at Rubik,  a Cloud data management company.

Also, she served as the VP for information security at IMB.

As she resumes her new role, she will oversee Twitter’s Information Security(Infosec) practices and policies.

Areas like Security Risk, Application Security are a significant part of Rinki’s responsibility.

Rinki also tweeted that she will work alongside Nick Tornow and other top officials at Twitter.

Earlier in September, Twitter talked about strengthening its security.

It also mentioned giving out security keys to avoid more breaches.

We guess she would be the one to ensure it happens.

She will also work closely with the data and security team.

She is to make sure the company is up to date on all security-related issues.

Additionally, Rinki’s duty is to silent every criticism held against Twitter since the incident in July.

Asides her professional career profile, people respect Rinki for her Infosec figure.

She has stood as a consultant for major security conferences.

Rinki has also received numerous awards in the industry.

This event should be a turning stone for a better relationship between Twitter and its users.

What do you think about her appointment?

You can let us know in the comment section below.

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