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Twitter Co-Founder, Jack Dorsey, Launches New Social Media App, Bluesky

Twitter Co-Founder, Jack Dorsey, Launches New Social Media App, Bluesky, Twitter Co-Founder, Jack Dorsey's First Tweet Sold as an NFT at a Closing Price of $2.9 Million | Techuncode.com
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Twitter Co-Founder and former CEO, Jack Dorsey has launched a new social media app, Bluesky, barely days after Elon Musk bought Twitter.

Dorsey had concurred that world’s richest man, Musk buy Twitter to introduce changes he said made him leave Twitter.

The former Twitter CEO soon began working on the new social media app after leaving Twitter.

According to him, the tech ecosystem needs a new social media app different from the way Twitter is.

He said this why responding to questions by Musk who asked if Twitter algorithm should be open source.

Dorsey had responded saying, “Yes, a new platform is needed. It can’t be a company. This is why I left.”

He had gone ahead to say that the new social media app should look as follows:

“I believe it must be an open source protocol, funded by a foundation of sorts that doesn’t own the protocol, only advances it.

“A bit like what Signal has done. It can’t have an advertising model. Otherwise you have surface area that governments and advertisers will try to influence and control.

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“If it has a centralized entity behind it, it will be attacked.

“This isn’t complicated work, it just has to be done right so it’s resilient to what has happened to twitter.”

Bluesky social media app:

Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky social media app runs on blockchain. So, it is decentralized.

This means, just like the ex-Twitter CEO had suggested on a new app, Bluesky is not centralised and so, it allows users have independence and control over data on the platfrom.

Also, the social media app is an open source, meaning developers can freely build upon the app’s technology.

Equally, Bluesky will run the ADX – ‘Authenticated Data eXperiment’ (ADX) protocol for its functionality.

This will enable self-authentication of data on the platform.

What you should know:

Bluesky is going to be a strong rival to Twitter.

More so, Jack was co-founder of Twitter and now, is founding Bluesky.

So, what it means is that, having managed and then, left Twitter, Jack Dorsey knows the strengths and weaknesses of Twitter.

So, it would be a walkover for Dorsey’s new social media app to outshine Twitter.

In fact, although Bluesky is still in the beta stage,  it has already had over 30,000 sign-ups in just two days of its launch.

The sign-ups are still pouring in.

So, Elon Musk could as well be said to have been scammed into buying Twitter.



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