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Jollof War: Google Celebrates Jollof Rice With Doodle

Jollof War: Google Celebrates Jollof Rice With Doodle
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Multinational technology company, Google has celebrated a popular delicacy in Nigeria, jollof rice with Doddle.

Google displayed the Jollof rice doodle on its homepage on Friday.

The tech company said it is celebrating jollof rice with doodle to appreciate farmers who painstakingly feed the world by planting rice.

Jollof rice is a local African dish prepared with red tomatoes, pepper, onions, red oil fried mixed with boiled rice and other ingredients.

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This delicacy is popular with African countries like Nigeria and Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Cameroon .

Meanwhile, Nigerians and Ghanaians have been in a friendly rivalry about who makes the best Jollof rice.

Recently, Ghanaians claimed their Jollof rice is better and sweeter than the the one Nigerians make but Nigerians are also quick to counter that theirs is best.

Meanwhile, Google has highlighted this difference,  noting further that Nigerians and Ghanaians use different species of rice to cook their jollof.

According to Google, “Nigerians and Ghanaians are particularly competitive over who makes the best jollof — and for good reason.

“There are distinct differences between the two cooking styles.

“For example, Nigerians use long-grain rice that absorbs more spices, while Ghanaians use basmati rice with a more aromatic flavor.”


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