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Twitter Might Be Adding New Podcasting Platform To Its App

Twitter might be adding new podcasting platform
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The microblogging app Twitter might try to spice up things on its platform.

Since 2020, when it added the new features, Spaces, to its platform, it has been coming up with new ways to make sure the audio feature is befitting for people.

A reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong shared a screenshot on his account.

The image of the picture indicates that Twitter might be planning to go into podcasting.

And it has an in-built feature for podcasting on the image.

The app button menu bar is a microphone image that looks like the one podcaster uses.


Although the image gives some description, it doesn’t give it all.

There is no indication of how the podcast platform would be displayed on the platform.

Also, there is nothing said by the platform on the incorporation of Spaces; it’s an existing audio-only chatroom.

Twitter Space already exists at the platform’s top, so if a new feature comes in, it means two things.

It is either they organize them in different tabs.

Or the other option is to find a way to join them together.

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More on Twitter’s audio-only chatroom

With Twitter Spaces, now everyone can create their chatroom.

And these Spaces can be recorded while holding for users to be able to listen to them later.

This makes recoded Spaces seem almost like Podcast, although a temporary one because it lasts for only 30 days.

If Twitter is releasing a podcast feature, users can always listen to it anytime for as long as they want.

Also, they can sort between podcasts just like on Apple and Spotify.

Users would be able to listen to music as much as they like without rushing to catch a live Space or meet up with the time set for it.

Implication for users

So Twitter might be adding a new podcasting platform to help grow its revenue.

Also, it would help improve its audio sharing features.

You would have more access to recordings on its platform and watch it as long as you want.

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